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  1. Crafting Like-A-Pro

    Once upon a time, I lived in a land where I could do an instance or raid on account 1 while milling or prospecting on account 2. This was a simple time, when I used autohotkey to broadcast "1, 1, 1, 1, 1," to all boxes and then had dps macros in that slot (or prospecting/milling macros, for crafting alts).

    Alas for quite some time I've been LIKE-A-PRO, and along with the sexy complexity and flexibility of that system, I've long sacrificed my lazy person way to get

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  2. Goal period over: Did I make it?

    So I've finished my month of 5 boxes active and canceled accounts 3-5. I almost canceled just two and continued with three because I did have a lot of fun 2 and 3 boxing a few raid bosses with Mercurio this month, but decided "might play Starshiny on some bosses" was not a compelling argument for $15.

    I'll call my goals a quasi success. I leveled 5 toons from 80 to 85, and 4 from 85 to 90. I have two new classes at 90 (paladin and mage). I have one more toon at 89, ...

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  3. Interface\Addons\: Reagent Restocker

    Today I wanted to highlight an addon I've been using for a while that solves a few different problems for me on all of my characters, whether multiboxing or not. I use Reagent Restocker to do three things:

    *repair my gear

    *restock Tome of the Clear Mind (from my vendor mount)

    *vendor things

    The addon prints to the chatbox when it automatically does these things, and tells you the total amount it made from vendoring the items, as well.

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  4. My ISBoxer Video Feeds

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    CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+G to see all of the video feeds in console view
    For todays post I've decided to show you my (relatively simple) current video feed setup. For world of warcraft right now my setup has only 9 feeds. Four are dynamic "slave window" feeds in a Dxnothing window on my second monitor.
    Four are dynamic cast ...

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  5. Advanced Armory API Query with Perl

    UPDATE: As of 5/1/2016 this script no longer works. If/when I update it I will place a link here.

    I'm not going to do an entirely new writeup (see here for my first post, Querying the API for information about a set of characters) but I thought there would be some people who would appreciate a copy of the final version of my script. The advanced version spits out the data in a few different forms, which you can then import into excel or peruse at your leisure. Both professions ...

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