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  1. Multiboxing For Free

    (Limited) Multiboxing World of Warcraft for free, the future is almost here. And almost free.
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    With the invention of veteran accounts it should now be possible to multibox (up to level 20) with only one paid account (for doing group invite), and with the invention of the wow token, that one account can hypothetically be free (assuming you already own multiple accounts, if not, wait for another $5 to $10 game sale, these happen usually twice a year). ...

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  2. Dual-boxing through Draenor

    Hey everyone! It's been quite a while. For the most part, since I went dark last fall, I haven't been multiboxing. I'm working my way through a graduate degree and that takes up most of my typing time. I had a month off over the holidays but I was also out of town for half of that so I only reupped two accounts in the middle of January. That's right, only two. I just don't feel that I get $150+(3*$15*x) more fun from five accounts versus two. After this many years I only have two characters I ...

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  3. Things to consider before you take up multiboxing for gold

    This is another repost from my short-lived "Multibucks" multiboxing for gold blog from 2012. I'm reposting anything semi-useful before I pull that site down. Some of the information still applies, some does not.

    Measure twice, cut once! In multiboxing, as in so many things in life, you can make your experience much more enjoyable with a little bit of planning. These are the things you should consider before you start. Before you send a single recruit email or start ...

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  4. Why should a Gold Goblin consider multiboxing?

    This was originally the first post of my doomed "Multibucks: Multiboxing for gold in World of Warcraft" blog. As I recently passed my first million, gold making is very much on my mind this week and I thought I'd bring over some of my old articles. Some parts are obsolete. -luxlunae

    I thought I would start this blog with a list of reasons that you, a “gold goblin” might want to consider giving multiboxing a try. I’ve been multiboxing on and off for four years, ...

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  5. Patch day

    I can't believe how long I've gone without that Patch Day feeling. This year we will be skipping the portion of the day that involves bouncing around my bedroom singing "Patch Day! Patch Day!" because I did my first yoga class since high school yesterday and my sore muscles have sore muscles.

    If you live under a rock, MMO Champion as always has a great summary of the patch.

    Things I'm excited about:
    UBRS- I haven't had a new or "new"

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