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  1. The Start of Something Wonderful...I think.

    by , 10-30-2015 at 08:00 AM (Old Grumpy Man Taking Care of His Lawn)
    Back in 2003 or 2004 I was involved with a group developing a new game. We all played EQ and had a desire to create our own MMO. Boundless Adventures was formed by Brian Quackenbush and I joined in to help with design, development and testing. You can imagine the raw state things were at and building from scratch was a pretty larger undertaking for a group of 4. We did create a nice world seed generator that was fun to play with.

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    This lasted ...
  2. How I (Eventually) Got Started Multiboxing

    I was actually a hold out on Multiboxing for a pretty long time. My first experiences with it go back to Everquest days. I played a cleric, so as our group's healer they would tend to get pretty annoyed when I'd be working or too busy to play. Of course, my husband (ISBoxer's Lax) just started dualboxing my cleric and his bard together in the end. He wrote programs to control my game from his computer, he'd even make my character say crazy things when I was trying to play it myself!
  3. How I got started multiboxing

    by , 10-16-2015 at 09:00 AM (Ramblings of a Computer Geek, Social Freak, Gamer, WoW Nerd, Hacker, Maker...)
    I started to multibox World of Warcraft sometime at the end of the Burning Crusade Expansion. I had just earned my "Champion of the Naaru" title and because I was not raiding Black Temple, I was pretty much done for that expansion. I was a crazy casual noob who insisted bears could tank and did a lot of Karazhan to Tempest Keep / Serpentshrine Caverns raiding in a causal raiding guild.

    I remember I was frustrated and tired of how bear tanks were at the end of Burning ...

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  4. [Diablo]Multiboxing 4 Wizards for the loot

    by , 09-30-2015 at 03:40 PM (Tech news, project updates, and games games gamesssssssssss)
    So I enjoy playing the seasons as they come out. It forces you to start over and incorporate some new legendary items that can significantly alter a build's power/usefulness. With this new season I decided to go Wizard. Usually when I box diablo its to conquer content for the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with beating content as four people, but this season is different. I decided to make a push for the leaderboards, solo.

    I started off by getting my Wiz to 70 and getting the ...

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  5. Multiboxing Brewfest!

    One of my favorite uses of my multiboxing team lately is to farm holiday currency for all the new WoW pets and toys! I'm a collector, but not a very patient one. The Brewfest dailies in particular are super tedious and boring, but with multiboxing I can do five at one time and get it over with faster.

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    The brew keg delivery is a little trickier to keep everyone from getting snagged on obstacles, but overall its pretty simple. Adding a ...
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