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  1. Everquest 1 - Returning to Norrath

    Hello Everyone!

    I made a post earlier today about returning to EQ1. What started off as me just goofing off and showing my son where his parents met, turned into me deciding to start multiboxing again. I thought EQ1 was going to be a pain in the butt to get back into but it literally was like riding a bike. I think the last time I was in was 2007 so its been awhile.

    While I've had a blast with a lot of MMO's post EQ1, it sure was nice getting back into it, and some of its ...
  2. My Goblins Macros

    just using this as a place holder really and i guess if anyone wants to use them maybe?


    Affi Locks DPS
    Sequences['Ebsaffi'] = {
    -- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.1.03.
      Author="Blòssom@Chamber of Aspects",
      Talents = "311112,2,",
      MacroVersions = {
        [1] = {
          StepFunction = "Sequential",

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  3. Two-Monk Joy POW POW

    I've been having a blast this week two-boxing a brewmaster/mistweaver through dungeons (both alone and through LFD) and I just wanted to share that joy. Mistweavers aren't the easy and fun dps powerhouses that they were when they launched but I've spent hours testing a rotation that allows for a lot of kickboxing fun and a living group.

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  4. Getting Started with Like-A-Pro Class macros

    So long time frequenters of the forums and chat rooms will know that there is a vocal group of boxers that is always telling you that you ought to switch to Like-A-Pro configurations. The huge daunting obstacle standing between you and Like-A-Pro is building all of the macros for all of the classes. So I'm going to get you started with an empty set of 68 macros, and show you how you can systematically create all of the basic macros for a class, which you can then mix and match to make the LAP rotations ...

    Updated 04-25-2016 at 08:27 AM by luxlunae

  5. Getting Into The Mix - New Team

    Hi everyone,

    So I'm pretty sure I've decided on the team I'll be running for the upcoming expansion, Legion. The party consist of the following:

    Hunter|Beast Mastery

    After spending more days than I wanted testing different groups at max level, this one just clicked as the most fun with ease of use.

    I've created a YouTube Channel where I will post videos ...
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