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  1. 5 Man Multiboxing Allaince Leveling Guide (up to lvl 30 so far)

    I've been writing a little guide for myself to do this based on experiences in the stress test... I found the collection quests "obtain 10 paws" etc to not be efficient to do 5 times over in most cases.. my guide is specifically for humans/gnomes/dwarves (and i guess NE's if you want to make that run across to IF)

    It doesn't include all the basic quests when they send you to deliver an item or just talk to another NPC ill just do them and I find them

    Here it is ...

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  2. Stress Test Multiboxing Highlights Video

  3. Dalo's Journey through Multiboxing Classic

    Hi Everyone,

    I am creating this blog to track my progress through Classic Wow and keep a detailed account of my process and journey.

    I have been multiboxing for years now starting in WOTLK with some 10 man raiding through Naxx.

    I am very keen for classic having played it so many years ago where I leveled 3 characters to 60 and raided on a Holy Priest.

    My current idea for a 5 man group for Classic is Warrior, 3x Mage, Priest but I am weighing up ...
  4. I will multibox 5 man dungeons in classic too :)

    Quote Originally Posted by ANG853 View Post
    Goal: 5 man “raidtrash” farming

    Survivability is foremost focus. -majority of party should be able to resurrect or soulstone
    then “ease” of rotation
    overall hit points/avoidance/mitigation is third in importance
    quality of life (ie summons, maybe mage water/food) is fourth

    Speed of DPS is important as well but is last because my experience shows the previous four things make you get the most gold/hour by decreasing time played per
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  5. Deciding on a good Main 5 box team for Classic WoW.


    Without other considerations the overall best first dungeon clearing party for multi-boxers is likely:

    -Paladin+2Mages+Warlock+Priest (or Druid instead of Paladin if Horde);


    When building a dungeon clearing team for Classic WoW the most frequent question seems to be focusing on what is the "Best" first party composition for farming dungeons...

    Though I think that "dungeon grinding efficiency" ...

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