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  1. Rift Video Feeds

    My processor doesn't have the juice to record or stream rift while I'm playing but I thought I'd share what my current setup looks like, especially my current video feed setup which I find does an excellent job.

    My goal with my setup is that I have to turn my head as little as possible, that all of the information I need is readily available on my first monitor. When I'm outside instances I generally don't even have the second IS window visible, so the left hand monitor must show me ...

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  2. Adventures in Multiboxing - Part 1

    I had a moment of insanity one night recently, and I decided that I should learn how to multibox for real. I narrowed down my options to either RIFT or the free trial of WoW, and a friend of mine was able to persuade me to do WoW.

    After much discussion with my friends/mentors, it was determined that I should be make 3 shaman to start out. Since I'm not sure that I'll ever even make it to level 20 or beyond, they suggested that I pick the "prettiest race." ...
  3. ISBoxer 41 Released!


    I've had a busy 4 months working on ISBoxer 41, including 1 failed Hard Drive sent off to data recovery (pro tip: avoid ever having to do that), 1 post-explosion motherboard sent for RMA, 1 newborn daughter, and countless hours developing, testing, debugging and tech supporting sweet new features.

    Big thanks to all of the Beta Testers who provided feedback! We had a very successful beta run, and I'm pretty sure several ...
  4. 10x world pvp video #1

    I'm going to post it every few days new WpVp videos: better editing, better music:::

    check it out.!
  5. EpicRewind, a new video capture tool which uses a RAM RollingBuffer for "instant-replay" functionality

    Greetings all,

    I haven't done much multi-boxing recently but I wanted to let you all know about a video capture tool I've been working on called EpicRewind, I think some of you may find it interesting.

    EpicRewind is video capture software that has a key differentiating feature: RAM RollingBuffer mode. This works like an on-demand instant-replay: a game is hooked and the video is continuously buffered in system RAM, when something cool happens the user can save the ...
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