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  1. Dalo's Journey through Multiboxing Classic

    Hi Everyone,

    I am creating this blog to track my progress through Classic Wow and keep a detailed account of my process and journey.

    I have been multiboxing for years now starting in WOTLK with some 10 man raiding through Naxx.

    I am very keen for classic having played it so many years ago where I leveled 3 characters to 60 and raided on a Holy Priest.

    My current idea for a 5 man group for Classic is Warrior, 3x Mage, Priest but I am weighing up ...
  2. I will multibox 5 man dungeons in classic too :)

    Quote Originally Posted by ANG853 View Post
    Goal: 5 man “raidtrash” farming

    Survivability is foremost focus. -majority of party should be able to resurrect or soulstone
    then “ease” of rotation
    overall hit points/avoidance/mitigation is third in importance
    quality of life (ie summons, maybe mage water/food) is fourth

    Speed of DPS is important as well but is last because my experience shows the previous four things make you get the most gold/hour by decreasing time played per
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