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  1. Healing setup for Sentinal Cleric spec (Good from 47-54)

    Healing with a sentinal is pretty easy.

    Put 15 points in Purifier (Spiritual Guidance ,Intensity, Searing Heat) and the rest in sentinal

    You use these buffs:

    Healers Blessing
    Marked by the Light
    Wrathful Exuberance @focus
    Sign of Wrath
    Wisdom of the Ages

    This for spot healing (I use clickboxhealer and wheel down). The stopcasting is necessary to interrupt the spammed slow cheap heal:

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  2. From Guide to Rotation: Inquisitor DPS at level 47

    As I mentioned on the forums a month ago when I started up in rift again, the hybrid ranged/heals x4 spec that I was using no longer did enough damage (or healing) in dungeons so I knew I needed to return to a 1x1x3x setup.

    Asking in my guild and looking around on the internet I found that the following inquisitor spec is the highest ranged dps spec in the game (a little of which I lose out on by not having the final soul be the paid soul). Fortunately the guide offers a slightly ...

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  3. Launchers are annoying! my (rift) AutoHotKey script

    Is there anything more annoying than typing a password 5x and then having to move your hand to the mouse to click?

    Ok yeah there are lots of things more annoying, but this week this particular annoyance was top of my multiboxing to-do list (more on this later).

    AutoHotKey is a freeware scripting program that I've been using for at least the last six years to handle many custom tweaks to computer input. The number one thing I use it for is to open the downloads folder ...
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  4. Communication macros: "Yes, I'm multiboxing dammit"

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    The subject of behavior and interaction in video games, especially strangers has long been of interest to me. I've often wondered: "What can I say in this moment to foster teamwork and facilitate getting the job done?" in a variety of gaming contexts. I marvel watching my significant other play co-op games where everyone is silent until the recriminations and bile start halfway through the match. A little communication can go a long way towards ensuring ...

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  5. Lazy solution: Dpsing healer

    I usually quest and rift with my healer in healing spec (and my tank in dps spec). This costs me something in terms of time but I like to think I make it up in time NOT spent rezzing the team after a miscalculation. After switching to a 1-1-3 setup (before I was using a tank and four hybrid dps) I realized that I wanted an easy way to do a little dps on my healer when she wasn't otherwise engaged but not at the cost of there ever being any ambiguity what "mode" she was in.


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