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  1. The Art of Troubleshooting: An Epic Journey

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    Two months ago I posted about multiboxing skills, and two of the skills the were reiterated throughout that post and the comments were troubleshooting and patience. This week I had a problem that stressed both abilities to the limit.

    Generating new problems and (mostly) fixing them is approximately 30% of the multiboxing experience (your number may vary). From the earliest

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  2. Ink Only Inscription Leveling Guide (1-580)

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    (Kit instructions)

    Kit Instructions in Beta, if you have any issues please let me know.

    I originally posted this guide on the consortium forums but it was not made a most favored guide and will be obsolete in a month so I decided I'd post it here as well so that I have a more permanent place to refer to it. The ...
  3. No plan survives contact with the enemy

    I think goal setting is important in all pursuits (except perhaps television watching, although I do track that via so even my tv watching does not go unmeasured), and World of Warcraft is certainly no exception.

    The game has a lot of built in measures of progression: X/X bosses killed, achievement points, levels, but it is easy for me to waste a lot of time in game not working towards anything and then feel unsatisfied with my gaming hours. When I decided to come ...

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  4. Lazy Healing: Druid

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    Green hair looks terrible with heirlooms
    As I've stated before, my goal with healers in 5 mans is a rotation that: a) never runs out of mana and b) handles most of the healing passively**. I'm currently levelling a team in wow with a druid healer. Although I've opted for an isboxer "do not advance until" rotation, with ...

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  5. Swapping Specs like a Pro

    ​If you are not already using Like A Pro to implement your hotkeys, you should be. A reliable, universal way to handle spec swaps was actually the thing that forced me to it, and I haven't looked back. Because Like a pro depends on macros that do not change based on spec (all of the shadow, disc, and holy macros are loaded at the start for my priest characters, for example), by merely switching the virtualized combat keymap on the fly we can spec swap without any reloading, exporting, or re-opening ...

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