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  1. Re-hshing old Content

    Tonight I worked on my baby paladin team. They were 66 earlier in the week and I am doing regular leveling. By that I mean, grinding instances with my five prot-paladins. I worked on them for two nights and now I am 70. First thing I did was not hea to Wrath content but thought I would try one of my most favorite old instances from my first level 70 a poor old dwarven prot warrior Smalltanker. Well in I rolled and the mobs were dying like Mitt Rommneys hopes on election night. It was tough on the ...
  2. Addon Management with Addon Control Panel and Isboxer; Or How I Cut My Load Times In Half

    I have been playing World of Warcraft for more than five years and I've been using addons since the second day of that. It seems that I am constantly in the flux of adding new addons and updating old addons and tweaking the settings of old addons. I'm afraid my historical method of managing which addons were enabled was a very haphazard "enable anything that doesn't throw a lua error or otherwise annoy me on this toon" and I thought this method was working well enough until I finally ...

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  3. Easy AHK script for copying addon settings across accounts (cross posted from forum post of the same name)

    1) Install Auto Hot Key

    2) Paste the following into a notepad file and name it "something.ahk".

    3) Change the directories to match your own.

    4) Change "quartz.lua" to match the file in your wtf saved variables folder for the addon you want to copy.

    5) Change the settings for the addon in your first account (designated here as ACCOUNTx1).

    6) Make sure you are logged out to at least the

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  4. Confession...

    I find it strangely addicting to watch live streaming broadcasts by multiboxers. I've been known to make some popcorn and sneak into a few different Twitch channels to lurk for a bit. It's like being a stalker, only less creepy.

    It really doesn't matter what game I watch people play -- all of them are insane to watch. Multiboxers can do some pretty amazing stuff, and they all seem to be so good at what they do. I watch in fascination with a tinge of jealousy because I could never manage ...
  5. Before Getting Started with Multiboxing (AKA Multiboxing for Dummies)

    If you are brand new to multiboxing, there is much to learn before even logging in your first team. This is a guide for those who are starting from scratch. Rather than retyping what others have already written, I will point you in the direction of information that I found to be useful when learning the very basics of multiboxing.

    What is Multiboxing?
    Maybe you've seen a group of characters running around in sync and wondered how they do that, or maybe you've heard/seen ...
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