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    Hey Guys, it looks like I used to multibox rift back in the day. My favorite thing about it was the variety of specs available for a given character, giving lots of scope to coordinating abilities across toons and using those specs to break needing the holy trinity. I quit when they made AH goblining less fun (much larger deposits) and it being a free game I got a lot more hate for boxing in world quests.

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    Lazy Healer

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  2. Scarlet Monastery - Library Run

  3. Classic - 5 Shamans running through Dungeon

  4. 5 man leveling guide (day before classic launch)

    As per my YouTube video I am posting this on dual-boxing in case anyone is interested in it

    Run gnomes and dwaves town down through Deeprun tram to Elywnn
    Run humans to meet them in old town
    Aquire 10 copper for herbalism (trainer in IF opposite griffin)

    Acquire 26 copper for Mining + pick (trainer in dwarven district of SW)

    Acquire 26 copper for skinning + knife (trainer in old town of SW)

    Pick up SW flight path for entire team ...
  5. 12 hours to go!!!

    12 HOURS TO GO!

    Few new videos up on YouTube such as my goals plans for classic and my leveling guide

    So close to being able to play now
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