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  1. Project DarkSpear

    by , 02-04-2012 at 12:31 PM (Tech news, project updates, and games games gamesssssssssss)
    So I have begun development on a new project, an MMO of sorts. Right now the Dev team is about at 7 people. We have PR, Sound, 2 animation/model artist, and 2 web/server gurus who are going to assist me in coding. If seems to be panning out and will be a lot of fun. Got a few of your Dual-Boxing leaders in on it, I will keep posting updates and eventually the link to the standalone site for it.

    I just got the server up, everythings been installed. The tools are working fine and ...
  2. Ever been so tired that you can't open a beer :(

    by , 02-02-2012 at 10:43 PM (Tech news, project updates, and games games gamesssssssssss)
    I have, today... I don't know if ima be able to take my pants off...

    Crum with pants on? It's more likely than you think.
  3. Don't sweat the small stuff, a few notes on burnout and how to help avoid it

    by , 02-02-2012 at 11:00 AM (Ramblings of a Computer Geek, Social Freak, Gamer, WoW Nerd, Hacker, Maker...)
    What is burnout? Burnout is what most gamers have come to call the drop in interest or desire to play a certain game. It could be a multitude of reasons and honestly, everyone has their own reasons. What personally keeps me playing WoW is that there is so much to do. I have leveled 11 characters to 85. I have spent a lot of time on 3 individual characters and there is always something new to discover, or something new to achieve.

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    Games are a ...
    WoW , Life
  4. I Have a Dream...

    Well, I had a dream I also had a nightmare. My nightmare was a recurring one where I find myself still employed at Starbuck's and the past 5 or 6 years was of me simply forgetting that I never quit and just not showing up.

    Though why they would keep scheduling someone when they stop showing up for half a decade is beyond me. But it still disturbs me beyond reason every time I have that dream.

    My real dream, in the non-sleeping sense, was to update the GM Conversations ...
  5. Rafn with Two

    by , 02-01-2012 at 01:47 PM (Old Grumpy Man Taking Care of His Lawn)
    I decided to take part in another round of RAF. Instead of 5 I went ahead and just raf'd 2 chars together. The main purpose was to get a rogue to 85 so I could roll with the dudes on Stormreaver. I've reached close to 67 in about 28 hours play time. Fast for me for sure, but probably slow compared to the elites I plan to continue and level a few more toons that I would like to have at 85, like a DK, Mage, and Pally. I already have a DK at 61 or so, so I will probably just grant levels to ...
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