View Full Version : My first trip to Scarlet Monastery - The Library

07-21-2008, 03:04 AM
I cooked together a video from my first trip to SM Lib. I wiped only once, on the trash before Doan, other than that it went quite well. Had respawns all the way after the wipe, so Double XP for me, without another try at Loksey. (I should have just reset it I think)

Enjoy the vid:


07-21-2008, 05:46 AM
i pushed my shammys trougth sm myself yesterday,
completed graveyard quickly enough, liberary where easy enough. except i wiped on the respawns on my way back "dohhh" i should have known better lol.
tried sm armoury to, wiped on the boss there. my little lvl 21 "at the time" pulled the boss before i was ready, and he called for backup, got attacked by 6 adds as well,
guess those are the adds i did not kill or did'nt notice or the bossfigth have chanced since last time i where there.
cant wait until i try him again later this week,
did do sm cathedral as well, manage to complete cathedral, but my low lvl's pulled the boss when i where sneaking around the corner to do the hidden boss.
lol hehe. but self res i do love :) when i where ready to do the main figth, i manage to take both of them out without loosing one shammy :)

i where not sure if i could do this bossfigth even with 2x55 3x21 since its two of them and i got 3 low levels, but i manage to nuke them both down

Gotta start video taping the action.