View Full Version : Strat Questions about SM Armory @ 35 with 5 Shaman.

07-03-2008, 07:33 PM
I know this is lowbie stuff, and I'm now 36 and will soon be out leveled this, but this one was troublesome for me and want to learn how to improve for later.

Its been a LONG time since I ran SM as a group at that level, I had gone in there with my 70 and killed him easy so I have basically forgot all his skills.

I saw that I was in range of Herod on the platform at the top of the stairs, just inside the door. So I decided to drop my 5 shaman totems there and pew pew. I got off a couple LB and Flameshockx5 before he ran up the stairs and got to my group, he whirlwinded and I couldn't heal out of it fast enough or react fast enough to get out of the way so I wiped. Reincarnated, and set up again.

This time, I figured when he whirlwinded I would jump down and reset totems on the floor level. This is where a common problem comes up that I don't know how to resolve. Did the same thing again, this time when he started to WW, I hit follow key and jumped down. Two of the toons remaned and took damage while I smashed the follow key to get them down to the group, but they died before I could get them to come down. For some reason, when the toons are in combat, I have a hell of a time getting them to drop combat and follow the main toon, they just stand there auto swinging on melee. I need to find a way to fix that or I won't be able to kite if I have to.

I got him Herod down, but lost the main toon when the ads showed up, I was oom and the inital blast from the fire nova totems wasnt enough to kill them so they ended up wiping us again. This is where the second problem comes in.

I assume I'm not doing something right in my macros, im at work so I can't put them here yet, ill edit later. But, I can press the button for LB and they will all start to cast, but for CL, if its a new target, when I press the modifier, they just stand there and don't go into combat, I have to press LB and have them cast that first, then they realize they are in combat and can cast CL.. Problem was, I wanted to cast CL to see if I could take down a bunch of the adds with it, but in order to do that I would have to cast CL first, when i casted CL, they would die before I could get off CL, so I was having to one shot them, which wasn't very efficent and I died.

The bitch was, I went down before I could loot him, and I was downstairs with all those adds lined up around the dead boss, I coudln't reincarnate because I would agro them, so I released to run back. Yep, you guessed it, the whole freakin instance had respawned. By the time I fought ALL the way back, the boss and the adds had despawned :(

Any suggestions on how do deal with those issues?

07-04-2008, 05:19 AM
It was quite some time ago I did this part myself but from memory I might have a few pointers.

Standing on the platform is for sure the right way to start of the fight. You should be able to get of 2 or 3 LB before he reaches you at the top of the stairs. Make sure not to wait to long to jump down. Having a key bound to move your followers forward will probably help, rather then just having them on follow. Follow takes to much time here I think.

Once down, stomp a few totems (unless you’re old totems are still in range). Hitt the follow key and face Herod one again. LB spam until the next WW and when it about to hit… stafe! Having a key bind to stafe all you toons will help here, and will be good in the feature as well…

You should be able to get him down without and of you’re toons being killed.

Wait for the ton of ppl rushing in. Cast Stone Claw when thay are close. And finish them off with 5 x Fire Nova Totem…

Hope that helps you.

Good Luck,

07-04-2008, 03:39 PM
Ah thanks Ztar, I kinda forgot about strafe with all my focus on follow, pun not intended. I will try that.

I had 2 magma and 3 searing, I changed it up to 5 magma in RFD last night for all those skellis that where giving me the same problem and it made a hell of a difference.

07-08-2008, 10:53 PM
Actually when I did this, I let one shammy tank him down in the pit, and had the other 4 stand back and pew pew from the stairs.

Just let your tanking shammy build some threat before unleashing with the others (use Frost Shock). He doesn't hit that hard and its easier to run out of his whirlwind with one toon than multiple toons.