View Full Version : Looking for a certain program.

03-09-2007, 02:08 PM
Hiya, I have been 6-boxing for a while in EQ with the help of Xylobot. Now I know Xylobot is a program that is also used for xp-macro's and such but I used the program for it's trigger/macro functionality, so that I could steer my 6 box, which are all on separate computers, in real time, through text-commands in /groupsay.

Xylobot reads the logfile that is generated by EQ and can then trigger a keyboard (or mouse) macro off a certain text-trigger. This way it was real easy for me to have all my boxes folllow my Main, meditate, or have them all nuke at the same time, simply by pushing a hotkey on my Main with "/g Nuke All" for instance. which would be the texttrigger for my boxes initiating an EQ macro (or xylobot macro).

I always felt safe with this functionality since I was at the keyboard at all times and it made life so much easier: I could actually progress real easy through a dungeon this way, without ever having to switch to any of my boxes.

Unfortunately Xylobot is not supported anymore and does not work anymore under EQ. :(

Does anyone know of a program that will read logfiles and then can trigger a keyboard macro or even simple stroke off it? I can use the EQ macro's if need be, so just a simple keystroke would be enough, as long as it can be triggered by the log-reader.

I looked at Macroquest but that program scares me in several ways. The advantage of such a program over Multibox is the fact that it is so specific in when and what you want to let happen with your boxes, or even separate boxes.

Thanks for any help!