View Full Version : [5v5] So...who is up for playing the ele shaman combo

06-02-2021, 10:12 AM
I dont see a problem with playing the 4shaman healer comp in 5v5 without the multiboxing part. All we have to do is practicing to synchronize the instant chainlight. I don't know enough people playing ele shamans who would be up for this but I think if anyone understands the potential of this composition it's this community. And we know how fun it is. Atleast from a multiboxing perspective I know the gameplan against all the potential compositions that you can face in 5s so if some of you are willing to spare a shaman for this we could choose a server and go for it.

My discord is Kruschpak#7290, server is Venoxis, got 2 dedicated shamans so far.

06-08-2021, 05:33 AM
If the opponents are dodging your spells by going behind the pillar then I'd assume that it gonna be hard to kill anything when you don't have the ability to global them with synchronised burst.
I feel like a CC ability such as shadowfury would be necessary in order to land a kill before the opponenent has time to go out of line.
So maybe smth like 1destro 3ele and healer might perform better.

06-16-2021, 09:37 AM
Yeah thats something you have to worry about when approaching high duelist/gladiator cutoff not 2k :)

Ideally we'd play with a resto druid for stealth->bash because it really helps screwing up enemy openers as they cant start with a lockdown on the healer but paladin is still very solid overall against everything with melee/x/x/x/x. I got a video on youtube from a private server 2 years ago I'm sure you can dig it up if you want to see how that was going, the competition was quite real as people went on to get nature res gear to counter me.

got 2/4 shamans so far :p we're on venoxis EU

06-17-2021, 08:01 AM
We played together on that server ;)
Was boxing 4 ele and hpala on ally side.
Too bad that the server got abandoned...

Really sucks that boxing is no longer allowed on retail. Would be so much fun to box a melee team with iwt+ctm in TBC.
Wish I could box 4 shockadins in 5s. Or triple box Warr, ret, enh with two external healers would be also fun.

06-22-2021, 10:04 AM
I didnt recognize your name sorry :D. TBC servers always die within weeks of SWP release...classic TBC might have the same fate when WOTLK launches. One can only hope that the absolute player numbers stay high enough to maintain a few servers after wotlk launch. 4 Shockadins with shaman healer or frostmage was also one of my ideas to test but yeah they sealed our fate before we got the chance :/. Im honestly tempted to just level 4 shamans solo, gear them, and then multibox 5s until I get banned.

Then repeat.

01-14-2022, 10:57 AM
Is there anyone actively boxing 5v5 arenas? I’ve been hesitant to bring my team into areas due to the haters reporting. I don’t used any broadcasting and run 5 separate PCs. I just want to do 10 a week for points but not sure if there is a risk with it.

01-17-2022, 10:26 AM
I've been thinking about 5 Shamans as well, and not use my main account of course! I really don't care about rest of my accounts, so I can have 5- 60 shamans in no time as they sit at 60 with ok gear! and start leveling them up! to 70! Problem is, probably I'm going to get mass reported! of course without using a software :)

Also I've been thinking about 2v2's and have 2 PoM Mages or maybe Warlock and a Priest!

What do you guys think?