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03-24-2021, 03:57 PM
TESTED AND CONFIRMED (as of current beta)

-ZG coin exp - CONFIRMED, 0 exp granted at level 60 and at level 58
(broadly speaking, I haven't seen ANY high level repeatable quests that give exp post level 60 - every one that's been tested so far gives 0 exp)
-CD Removal from Mooncloth - CONFIRMED no cool down for mooncloth
-Chocolate boxes - CONFIRMED, that they stack with flasks and food - i.e. chocolate does not count as either
-Guild banks in phase 1 - CONFIRMED that they're in beta
-Engineering googles not in phase 1 - CONFIRMED that they are NOT in phase 1
-Instant mail between chars on the same account - CONFIRMED that mail is NOT instant
-BOE/BOP primal nether - CONFIRMED that they are BOE in beta
-How do LW Drums work - CONFIRMED, but its complicated, and likly not finished yet.
-Shaman totem stacking - CONFIRMED that multiple totems of wrath each increase crit %
-Wizardweave Robe & Turban are trainable - CONFIRMED now vendor taught
-"Gigantique" Bag (22-slot) - CONFIRMED available from the vendor
-Current Mara/ZG/ZF mob pathing - CONFIRMED that all the '1-pull' mob pathing behavior is unchanged from classic
-Heroic Dungeon Keys require Revered - CONFIRMED


1) Drain life and dps scaling with spell power on SkullFlame Shield?
2) Cool Down removed from Arcanite?
3) Lvl 1 summonable to outland?
4) Thorium Ore prospect rates?
5) Warlocks summons directly into instances?
6) TBC do you pick 1 herb, is there a chance at 1-3 (ghost mushroom, black lotus, etc)
7) How much rep granted for winterspring frostsaber quest?
8) Neutral AH cut % (15% or 30%?)
9) Grey quests still reward full reputation?


-Netherweave cloth in deadwind pass (this is really a pre-patch question, unclear what checking this in the beta would mean)
-JC recipes from vendors in pre-patch (also not sure if the beta could test this)
-Chocolate box timer - the timer reset with char copy to beta, not sure this will be testable
-Instance cap per hour & day? (beta likely has special rules, and any changes would probably be announced by Blizz anyway)
-AOE limitations (currently not implemented in beta)
-Level 70 spell scaling (Beta limit is level 64)
-AQ40 repeatable quest exp? Not testable in beta - AQ gates aren't open (https://classic.wowhead.com/item=21229/qiraji-lords-insignia)

Tossed this around on discord a bit, but I know not everyone looks through all the channels there. I'm not in the beta personally, but if anyone has either more questions or any confirmed answers, please let me know