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03-20-2021, 09:29 PM
Ey everyone, i'll be adding to this post all of the old threads in the movies section and some other Youtube uploads i've found that have working links for TBC content in era, whether it be for dungeons, raids or PvP.

Hopefully by doing so this'll allow everyone who's interested in moving over to TBC to get a rough idea of different group comps and how they look like at certain levels, or even just to get hyped for TBC Classic.

Please note that i do not claim any credit whatsoever for any links listed below, i'm simply putting all the working links i've found in one place so members have an easier time going through them.

https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/7593-5x-Shaman-Heroic-Video-Guide - Links don't work, but there's some general information for when you start doing Heroics that's worth atleast looking over, if only to get a general idea of what to expect.

https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/2207-WoW-Heroic-Sethekk-Halls - Heroic Sethekk Halls (5x Shaman)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/2190-WoW-Heroic-Slave-Pens - Heroic Slave Pens (5x Shaman)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/439-WoW-Heroic-Mechanar - Heroic Mechanar (Mixed Classes)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/284-WoW-Shaman-team-demolishing-SH-(heroic) - Heroic Sethekk Halls (5x Shaman)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/1688-Priest-4-Mages-in-Hellfire-Ramparts - Normal Hellfire Ramparts (Priest + 4 Mages)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/3177-Quick-Mana-Tombs-Run - Normal Mana Tombs (5x Shaman)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/3611-Aelli-Vashj-(last-boss-of-SSC) - Aelli (Ellay) SSC / Vashj fight - (4x Shaman)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/7648-Aelli-Unstoppable!-2200-video - Aelli (Ellay) Unstoppable! 2200+ Arenas (4x Shaman)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/2567-WoW-Aelli-Quad-Boxing-Eye-of-the-Storm-BG - Eye of the Storm BG (4x Shaman)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/2941-Owned-by-Quad-Box-Shaman - Random 5s team POV getting owned by Aelli (Ellay)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/5879-Mount-farming - Mount farming Sethekk Halls' Anzu & Zul'Gurub Swift Zulian Tiger (Mixed Comp)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/5832-5-elemental-shamans-doing-bosses-in-level-70-non-heroics - Normal Sethekk Halls, Steamvaults, Mechanar, Botanica and Shadow Lab boss kills (5x Shaman)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/8652-Sethekk-Halls - Normal Sethekk Halls (5x Shaman) Level 66
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/8396-Mana-Tombs-run - Normal Mana Tombs (5x Shaman) Level 66
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/7866-Ramparts-at-61 - Normal Hellfire Ramparts (5x Shaman) Level 61
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/4494-Prot-Pally-Powerleveling-SM-Cath - SM Cathedral Prot Paladin boosting
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/11049-Murmur-in-24-seconds - Shadow Labyrinth 24 second Murmur kill (5x Shaman)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/12862-Magister-s-Terrace-Last-Boss-Kael-Sunstrider-Normal-Mode - Normal Magister's Terrace Kael'thas Sunstrider (5x Shaman)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/12958-Botanica-Heroic-5-Shamans - Heroic Botanica (5x Shaman)
https://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/15188-Non-heroic-Botanica-5-dps - Normal Botanica (5x Caster DPS - Mages, Druid, Shaman)
https://youtu.be/eIPcF9SZ6WI - Alterac Valley premade 2x 5 box
https://youtu.be/p5DVSNR_vKs - Karazhan (Maiden of Virtue fight) - 2x 5 box Suvega & Vyndree (War / Priest / 3 Mages + Priest / 4 Shamans)
https://youtu.be/Irqxiq8DrdY - Karazhan (Opera / Wizard of Oz fight) - 2x 5 box Suvega & Vyndree (War / Priest / 3 Mages + Paladin / 4 Shamans)
https://youtu.be/3V1bVjJ8CHM - Karazhan (Moroes fight) - 2x 5 box Suvega & Vyndree (War / Priest / 3 Mages + Paladin / 4 Shamans)
https://youtu.be/3HHzr44Bjn0 - Normal Caverns of Time - Durnholde (Paladin + 4 Shamans) Levels 68-69
https://youtu.be/EBnCERIW2jM - Normal Underbog (Paladin + 4 Shamans) Level 65
https://youtu.be/IaBtu50WEBE - Normal Blood Furnace (5x Shaman)
https://youtu.be/o2DMkDLRFlk - Area 52, Netherstorm World PvP (Pally + 4 Shamans)
https://youtu.be/3JXgse0c4Pk - Shaman Fire Elementals dropped at Crossroads
https://youtu.be/p14dq0p1nT8 - Razorfen Kraul (Warrior + 4 Shamans)
https://youtu.be/Eypextut8gI - Razorfen Downs - (Paladin + 4 Shamans)
https://youtu.be/NXjKmkzfXxA - Magister's Terrace (5x Shaman)
https://youtu.be/j8uLUBEPB-U - Heroic Magister's Terrace (5x Shaman)
https://youtu.be/xAuysLCO4Sg - Heroic Stemvault (5x Shaman)
https://youtu.be/tt8ocQNj7l0 - Random World PvP (5x Shaman)
https://youtu.be/8VNnndnSbk0 - Normal Hellfire Ramparts 1st Boss (4x Hunter) Level 61
https://youtu.be/6bf21V-8txI - Eye of the Storm BG (4x Shaman)
https://youtu.be/l8rVssZp1D4 - Normal Shadow Labyrinth (5x Shaman)
https://youtu.be/58VVP3p-HhY - Normal Blood Furnace (Pally + 4 Shamans) Level 61
https://youtu.be/ohXWoTFlzHM - Normal Blood Furnace (Shaman + 4 Paladins) Level 62
https://youtu.be/goYWcCsHNUE - Heroic Mechanar (Pally + 4 Shamans)
https://youtu.be/Exvq3LudGt8 - Heroic Slave Pens (Pally + 4 Shamans)
https://youtu.be/UvMTmLvDh9E - Heroic Hellfire Ramparts (Pally + 4 Shamans)
https://youtu.be/thvVG-3R2-8 - Normal Mana Tombs - Boss kills (Pally + 4 Shamans) Level 64


03-24-2021, 10:54 AM
Good times, but oh my how PC resolutions have improved! Pretty sure my eyes bled while watching a few of those.