View Full Version : Neltharion's Lair +15 Key nearly intime

01-27-2018, 10:08 AM
Hey Guys,

This was my first Attempt of such a high Mythic Keystone Dungeon.
I did many +5.... +7 with 5 ele-Shamans or 5 Boomkins..
Today i decided to go Keystones with a Friend, he's a Protection Paladin, and i played 4 Balance Druids.

The result is:
we 3-chested Darkheart-Thicket 9....
after that we 3-chested Upper Karazhan 12..

Kara was much easier than we though, so we decided to do the Neltharion 15 Key i've got.

We've done the Instance in ~37 Minutes.. that's 2 Minutes more than Intime. (intime = 35 Min)

annoying due to the fact, that i failed at the second Boss and i died, we were around 8 minutes infight with Boss Nr. 2... if this mistake wouldn't be.. the Key would be easy Intime :D


i will post a video of the Run tomorrow or on Monday.

(sorry for my bad english :( )

greets chaca