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03-15-2017, 12:54 AM
While I have my own ideas for events (No, I really do!), I've always said that the events should be things that the community wants to do, and therefore getting your ideas is a logical step toward providing those events. So let me know that secret wow multiboxing community fantasy you've always kept to yourself. While every idea is a good idea, not every idea is a good idea, but share it anyway as you never know if we can make it a good idea after all. Motivational speech over. Gimmie what you got!

Oh, I'll come up with some sorta swag for any ideas we end up having an event from. You know I love to come up with swag and I'm not above bribery

- Souca Creatively Steals Creativity

03-15-2017, 04:37 AM
Guess I'll throw out some ideas. Some might be bad, but hey, they're ideas:


Current raids: Everyone brings some toons, we go in to LFR, we kill stuff and get killed. Later on progress on to harder modes if viable.

Dungeon races: Setting this is up is a bit of a nightmare depending on how we wish to do it. Getting the same keystones, coordinating start times etc might be next to impossible...

Legacy raids: Not mog farm, but fresh teams without heirlooms, clearing all the old raids at their relevant levels. Frozen XP if necessary.

Raid achiev farms: I've done most of the ones I want, but up for getting them for people who don't have them, or doing the ones that are still hard to box/solo.


5v5 skirmish tournament: Fairly self-explanatory. Hit stuff, see who lives. Think 5-box is the most common number anyways. Or I suppose in theory we could try 2x5-box vs 2x5-box in an RBG setting. Could be interesting with the objectives. Would require large numbers of participants though. Hell, if we get enough numbers, doing 20v20 or even 40v40 would be great fun and make for interesting videos. ;)

WPVP Events: New raid opening? We go to the entrance and have some fun. Good quest hub to invade in an upcoming patch? Same thing. Naturally from atleast COA we need to phase over to some alliance heavy PVP realm. That should not cause issues though as I do that at times myself.

03-15-2017, 04:59 AM
Nothing bad there. All solid ideas.

On the raids, I think half the fun is coming up with strats that work with multiple boxers and a solo tank or healer. We have to play a little different so we just can't go through the mmo-champ forums and do the cookie cutter, and to me that is where the fun is, the discovery aspect of it.

On the races, it's less of an event than a challenge, but have people just screenshot a /played at start and end with a clock as well. We trust them not to photoshop and give everyone a month or a week or whatever to get their best run.

I always like raid achieves, especially ones with titles or mounts. I'd lean toward the raids that no one runs anymore and maybe current ones where it's unlikely for a boxer to get a group to do them like you said. Ulduar jumps to mind for the first variety.

I need to look into skirmishes cause I have an idea I've been cooking up, but only half of it might be possible in what I think a skirmish is. Also checking on some stuff and should be able to share my idea by the weekend and see what people think.

WPvP is always fun to me, but I am going to be very careful that PvP doesn't overwhelm the schedule. PvE'ers only enjoy half the events, while some PvP'ers might enjoy all of the events. Need to keep it balanced so both kind of players feel like enough events fit with their desires.

I would also add Holiday Events as a possibility. Some of the things might be boxable, but even going around and travelling to all the elders or bonfires as a group is simple and should be fun if we are in gchat or discord. Just hanging out is easy and doesn't always need to be organized as an event.

Newb support. A couple high level teams or even solo locks and mages could help get flight points and portal room hearths for lowbie teams. I always try to get new teams hearthed in the MoP inn so I can use the portal room to change continents quickly. Having certain flight points that are common for quests is also super useful and a lock team summoning can do that easily whereas doing it for your own team is slow and annoying.

This just popped into my mind. Scavenger hunts. We put unguilded characters all over the game and give quests to find them. Not something that requires boxing, but could be fun as hell. Maybe require white or grey drops as part of the quests.

But once again, good ideas. Hopefully some of mine sound good too. And I'll check some more things for my secret event.

- Souca