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04-03-2015, 12:54 PM
4x Wizards is another team I am contemplating for season 3.

The main reason for going with wizard is Frost Nova Col Snap only needs about 54% CDR to reach freezelock with. This can be reached with 12.5 gem in helm, 8% on shoulders and gloves, 10% paragon and then you need at least two more 8% sources or Gogok. I tend to like constant CDR so I avoid Gogok, so you can reach the mark with rolls on either a vigalante betl or use ring slots or even your source or weapon as sources of CDR. There is a lot of flexibility here and it doesn't require perfect CDR rolls on every single slot like some other stunlock multbox combos.

The new tal rasha set looks to be the easiest to use and highest damage potential set for multibox wizards. 600% damage buff for cycling through 4 elements for 6 seconds is pretty nice.

I don't play wizard much, so I am curious what people think will work better.

There are two ways I can gear for this tal's setup.

The first way is as follows:

Tal Helm, Neck, Belt, Pants, Source and Chest for 6p
TnT Gloves
Any shoulder (since none really standout in tals builds)
Focus and Restraint for rings
Ancient Parthan or Ransors Folly bracers
New Meteor boots
Serpent Sparker

The second way is:
Tal Helm, Neck, Gloves, Pants, Source and Chest for 6p
Vigilante Belt
Any shoulder (since none really standout in tals builds)
Focus and Restraint for rings
Ancient Parthan or Ransors Folly bracers
New Meteor boots
Wand of Woh

Obviously way 1 is using serpent sparker for double Hydras and then using TnT to make the hydra's better. This seems to be the way many solo and group Wizards on the 4 player boards at high ranks are going. The reason for the second gearing options is because as a multibox team I will be playing closer intentionally than solo or group single wizards want to because I am relying on freezelock from frost nova which is short range.

The second option allows me skip needing a good TnT glove for each character and opens up other gearing options. It allows me to replace any one Tal piece with something else. In my example above I chose swapping belt for Vigilante in order to meet CDR reqs easier, but there are many other options like Neck for Immunity amulet or Helm for Leorics for even easier CDR (a 90% or greater leorics allows you to hit over 53.5% CDR with just 8% CDR rolls on gloves and shoulder with a max diamond in the helm along with paragon and evocation).

The other big decision is APD's versus Ranslor's Folly. Ranslor's allows for easy pulling of mobs in with wicked wind and WW also procs your arcane portion of tals so is a common skill to use. APD's provide crazy amounts of toughness for every frozen mob within 25 yards.

If you don't use Ranslor's you can always pull decently with something like Super Massive blackhole, but if you are relying on that as a proc vehicle for your Tals you would need to cast it probably in broadcast instead of round robin in order to get the buff up all at the same time.

Finally the meteor boots may not be ideal for multiboxing. If you do not use meteor as a spender skill in your build you only gain benefit from it on the meteors procced from the set and that only happens once every 8 seconds per element. So not sure how big a difference the boots would make. Since tal set doesn't include boots you can run something like Illusory Boots for utility. Illusory would work very well for the WoH build for positioning and keeping your team in sync.

One final option is to wear Tals Head, Gloves, Neck, Pants, Belt and Chest for the 6p then use the Grand Vizier staff to make meteor your primary spender. The problem with this setup is you would have to sacrifice some dps stats on jewelry or weapon to hit the CDR mark for freezelock. Or you have to give up FnR to wear Rorg to be able to get the CDR easier.

Dropping the meteor boots for Delsere or Firebird sets (using the shoulders) doesn't seem appealing as the 2p bonuses don't provide much to this set. FB's could give you an extra free death now and then though, but then so can Skeleton King shoulders.

So I am looking for opinions on this. Skills aren't set really for any of the builds options. I am still trying to find a comprehensive list of what skills actually work with the 6p bonus of Tals. Apparently not everything that triggers meteors from the 2p bonus works with the 4 and 6p bonus. Since I don't have a Wiz in ful Tals I can't really test it myself.

So what do you guys think?

04-03-2015, 02:22 PM
I've been messing around with Wizards at the moment in preparation for 2.2, running Firebirds instead of Tals.

ATM I'm hitting the CDR with Leorics/Shoulder/Gloves/Evocation/Paragon. As you said that means I can't use FnR, but I'm planning on trying Halo+RoRG w/ APD. The Arcane Dynamo/Spectral Blade build that is seeing use in Season 2 at the moment is essentially what I'm going for, adjusting to Tals instead of FB. I've tried it in non season w/o Halo, and survivability in melee is a bit sketchy even at GR35. It's fine when a bunch of things are CCed, but when everything's dead I'm pretty squishy. That's trying the Spectral Blade build - usual kiting w/ blizzard and blackhole round robin is safe and of course the RG is perma-cced in both cases. Haven't tried higher than 35 yet.

My gear can definitely get way better though, but I'd expect to run into the same problem again higher up with better gear. So I figured I'd start really defensive and work from there.

My first thoughts on gear are this: http://ptr.d3planner.com/703190639 (shoulders can be whatever)

Can swap WH out for Tal belt to run a 2h, and can swap Illu boots to Meteor boots if the damage is needed (I'll probably do this on the Season 3 team).

Regarding skill setup, everyone seems to have their own ideas. I'd like to run Flame Blades + Arcane Orbit + Flash w/ Frost proccing from Armour/Frost Nova, but I'm not sure if that works or if it will drain too much AP. Maybe Calamity instead of Arcane Orbit.

As for Serpent Sparker vs Wand of Woh, no idea what Hydra is going to end up like on live after the 49x multiplier shenanigans so that's a tough call to make. At the moment (live) Hydra is a large % of Wizard DPS and I'm expecting it will stay that way, so SS will probably be the way to go.

It's hard to find decent info at the moment, all the Wizard forums are just filled with tears. I didn't actually try this build out on the PTR but I did see variations of it which looked promising. Most were before the first Tal nerf though, so I'm not sure what the DPS will be like w/o FnR.

04-03-2015, 05:27 PM
I haven't played Wizards for a while now, but something I don't like about this Nova build is that u need to be at melee range. Wizards are very squishy and nova has no range. Don't know how this is gonna work.

04-03-2015, 10:59 PM
True wizards are pretty squishy, but if you do swap out FnR for Halo and APD's like MagicMe was mentioning they are actually pretty tough. You can see plenty of videos of a wiz on youtube tanking GR50's pretty well. That combined with freezelock from Cold Snap Frost Nova makes RG's easy to fight.

MagicMe, you can't proc tal 6p from Frost Nova because you need to use Cold Snap if you want to be able to perma freeze bosses. Also at the target mark for CDR for freezelock (53.5%) the cooldown of teleport is between 7 and 8 seconds. That is too long to reliably use it for triggering arcane with Tal's.

I was banking on using WoH so I would use the fire version of Explosive Blast, the cone aoe version of the lightning generator, the arcane blackhole that buffs spell damage for number of mobs hit and then running Blizzard or Frost Hydra for cold. The rune that makes Blizzard only cost 10 is appealing to me.

I want to stick to using FnR if at all possible because the damage bonus is just so high from it, but if toughness is an issue I can swap to Halo I guess. Just not sure how I will fit Ice Armor into my build. There is also the Mutilation Guard which has a near identical effect, but I would have to give up Taeguk or Toxin gems so I don't know if it is worth it. I am kinda banking on the constant spamming of Cold Snap freezing targets + APD's to provide the toughness the wizards will need. That and the armor buff from Taeguk should be pretty helpful (Woh build with explosion refreshing Taeguk stacks is another reason to run that build 20 AP every 2.5-3 seconds is sustainable... my only other spenders would be Black Hole and 10 AP cost Blizzard with Lightning generator filling the gaps to keep up FnR).

Btw does anyone know if Halo uses the rune of Frost Nova you have on your skillbar? I don't really play wizard much so my only one on non season has been neglecting and barely has firebirds gear. I don't have one on S2 so no Halo heh.

04-03-2015, 11:11 PM
I just looked at your build Magicme on d3planner. Looks fine and a like you said everyone will have a different idea of what skills to run. I caution you agains't Elemental exposure though. It doesn't seem to stack. By that I mean, 4 Wizards using it with 4 elements each doesn't lead to an 80% damage buff like almost every skill for the WD does. Even with 4 running it the highest you can get is 20% damage.

The effect does work for the party it just doesn't stack from multiple wizards. Not sure why that is the case for EE when for WD pretty much every damage buff they have but BBV stacks. I've tested the new cold zdogs, piranhas, posion haunt rune and mass confusion and they all stack. The only one I haven't tested yet is Hex but I have a feeling it will work too (as long as multiple shamans can all hex the same target... not sure one this one).

I also tried testing Cold Blooded passive and it doesn't seem to work either. It seems to increase all the damage the wizard him/herself does, but doesn't seem to work across the party properly. Wizard got kinda of short changed on their group buffing potential compared to other classes. WD seems to be the king of damage multipliers atm, Crusader has a nice dmg buff + a large crit boost and can spawn globes, Barb has movespeed buffs and Ignore Pain that can work for the party and can also be a globe machine., and Monk has Forbidden palace and the physical rune on EP that buff damage and palace also offers mitigation (even if it is a small area). Wizard really seems left behind in the group support roll heh kinda like the DH..

04-03-2015, 11:51 PM
I'll need to mess around w/ my elements on skills then. Yeah the Frost Nova from Halo uses your Frost Nova rune. EE was only going to be run on one Wiz, though I'm not sure I'll even use it at all.

You're right about Wizards being lacklustre. I'm probably going to go Barb first in S3 because of spin to win nostalgia, but definitely will be setting this build up at some point too. I have a feeling that your WD build is going to be outright better in pretty much every situation though.

That being said, some guys did manage to complete GR59 (live) with a Wiz replacing one DH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sc8LzD31gg

04-04-2015, 12:38 PM
Well I didn't say Wizards were lackluster as a whole. I just meant Wizards options for providing party buffs aren't as robust as some other class options.

I still feel wizard will be a very strong multibox option with S3. They can currently do the same thing on live right now with Halo and Firebird's, but I feel they will get stronger with the new sets.

I have another build idea I will be sharing for a wizard team in the next few days revolving around the Delsere Set, but i need to do some more testing and polishing on the idea before I put it together.

04-05-2015, 11:15 PM
I've decided to go with Tal Rasha Wizards for the new Era/Season. Over the past 2 weeks, I've done some WD Carnevil and Jade testing and both came up short of what the wizards could produce. My only real regret was not being able to test the 6 piece Zuni, so my WD evaluation is definitely lacking.

As for the Wizards, I've been able to do trials and GR's far higher than my previous bests. For trials I have been able to grab 46 to 49 keys consistently with no Ancient weapons and with 2-3 pieces of Ancient armor per character. Today I got my first ancient Serpent's Sparker and was able to pull off a 51 key on my first try.

Once I came to grips with letting go of the Halo of Arlyse/Unity combo things quickly improved. While Halo does provide great toughness with the APD bracers, the damage output was far, far below that of the F&R ring set. With the F&R set my DPS output is such that Rift Guardians at GR 50/51 only take 2 minutes to kill. Unfortunately, my closest GR 50 clears were over by 5 and 10 seconds so I sit at 49 for the time being. Hopefully, I can clear a 50 before the PTR ends.

04-05-2015, 11:28 PM
How were you testing the WD's Zwi? Full Carn and Jade sets? Or did you try the mixed combo in my other thread about WD's? I am also curious if you tried to play with the new Homonculus mojo at all. More actual playtesting experience would be valuable if you could share that in here or my other thread (to stay more on topic).

Anyway good news about the Wizards and having success with the FnR set. My ideas are mostly theorycraft because I don't spend a lot of time on the PTR farming gear to actually test. I mainly test skill mechanics and general feel of builds, but without full item support it is hard to really know how the builds are performing.

Anyway thanks for sharing your experiences and any more details about the Wizard skill setups you used would be great.

04-06-2015, 02:55 AM
I'll stay on topic here and post in the other thread about the WD's.

Gear/Skills: http://ptr.d3planner.com/557051093

I'm still testing the passives so Unstable Anomaly and Prodigy aren't set in stone. In fact, for GR Key farming I highly suggest Dominance as it's always at full stacks and helps me stay alive long enough where lack of DPS is the only thing that ends the session and not my deaths.

Currently I'm running only one piece of gear with CDR (shoulders) for 42.02%. This allows 1.9 sec rotations on Black Hole and 1.2 sec rotations on Frost Nova (may be able to get those times down a bit but my PTR connection runs at 150ms versus 30ms on Live). Well placed Black Hole's grab and hold everything outside of the RG, while the Frost Nova grabs and holds anything that jumps over the Black Hole. Frost Nova at this amount of CDR allows the RG's to move for about a quarter of a sec every second and prevents 95% of their skills from firing. Black Hole - Event Horizon is also awesome for pulling in and swallowing all non-lob style range attacks and allowing you to remove most elite/RG ground effects.

The "Reflect" affix is really the only thing that will make your runs difficult at higher levels, since you usually cant survive more than a second of triggering that damage. I wish I had more movement speed or room for Teleport -Calamity so I can just move right on top of the elite pack and use Frost Nova to lock them down and Black Hole to soak up any ranged attacks until I can start applying damage. For me, that really is the only drawback to this build, movement speed to initiate without taking to much damage before you're in position.

I really enjoy running this build, especially being able to produce Keys right at or above the GR's I can efficiently clear. Going to test Arcane Dynamo among some other offensive passives for use in Trials tonight/tomorrow. Dominance seems to be bolstering my defense quite nicely so I should have some room to ramp up the damage, I hope.

04-06-2015, 11:35 AM
Good info there Zwi.

I know Hydra is what everyone is looking at for the moment, but I was thinking something like this.

A Wand of Woh build should also be strong. I intend to hit the 54%+ CDR with my team to take advantage of perma freeze lock with cold snap. Since I am playing close Explosive Blast pairs well as a main damage source and it takes advantage of Audacity passive.

Here is a little breakdown.
Mammoth Hydra = 330%/sec x2 (SS) x 7 (Tals buff) * 2 (FnR buff not accurate because it is actually higher at 125% but good enough for camparison) x 2.5 (the number of ticks/sec at the 3.08 APS breakpoint for hydra... this needs 50% TnT and 38% character ias to reach with a SS with 7% ias on it)

Mam Hydra DPS = 23,100%/sec

Doing the same calculation for Explosive Blast yields:
520% x 3 (the number of hits of concussive rune) x 4 (total casts with Woh) x 7 (Tals bonus) x 2 (FnR bonus) = 87,360/cast
Now divide it by 2.6 (cooldown of EB is 2.51 at 58.18% CDR which this build can hit with perfect rolls) and you get 33,600%/sec

EB seems to do more damage than Hydra. Both Hydra and EB can take full advantage of Arcane Dynamo so they are both equal in that regard. EB has the advantage of being able to keep up Taeguk much easier than the SS Hydra build though and the EB build has no reliance on IAS so gearing allows for higher CDR, CHC and CHD. Both builds can access the same amount of +skill damage for their main skill.

The Woh build can use EB at 25% effectiveness compared to EB and the EB build can use Hydra at 25% effectiveness of the Woh build. So they are equal in that regard. (EB build Hydra will only hit 1.25 ticks/sec breakpoint since it doesn't stack IAS and only has one hydra so that is how I calculate 25% effectiveness... in truth it is higher since the EB build can stack CHD and CHC much easier than the Hydra build do to not needing IAS on gear.)

Whichever build you choose one of your characters can use EE to give the entire group 20% damage. I don't like Strongarms because they are only useful for trash and elites that can actually be pulled. APD's should provide an enormous amount of toughness so I focused my passives on DPS. Force Armor could be swapped to something else if needed.

The only thing my build doesn't really have is a pull mechanic. Right now I was using Arcane Orbit since it can be cast off the gcd making EB and Orbit two easy to maintain buff abilities for the Talk 6p. I could easily swap it to Black Hole for a pull since BH would have just over a 5 sec cooldown on this build at perfect CDR. In that case, I would probably use either the one that clears ground effects or the one that buffs spell damage based on number of mobs hit.

I feel the Woh build might perform better than the Hydra build for multiboxing. Simply because it would be easier to play and the gearing allows for easier time getting CDR while still keeping other dps stats high. The Hydra build is far better for soloing where you can't rely on perma freeze and being in close proximity to mobs as well as for grouping when you are only playing a single character. In group situations because of Tiki Doc and Crusader controlling mobs and providing BBV and other attack speed buffs the Hydra build can reach the 4.03 and maybe even the 5.8 breakpoints with enough mobs nearby and pain enhancer. When reaching those breakpoints the Hydras will outstrip EB. Normally you would only be able to hit the 2.5 ticks/sec bp with decent gearing, but with group IAS buffs from an ideal party if you hit the higher breakpoints the next one is 3.33 ticks/sec and the highest one is 5 ticks/sec. The damage really ramps up in that situation.

Getting good Woh's and SS's on 4 Wizard's will be no easy task though. So I plan to work out a build I can use without a specific weapon. Unfortunately Wizard skills are kinda bleh without weapon support so I am not sure where to start on that heh.

04-06-2015, 01:42 PM
The only thing my build doesn't really have is a pull mechanic. Right now I was using Arcane Orbit since it can be cast off the gcd making EB and Orbit two easy to maintain buff abilities for the Talk 6p. I could easily swap it to Black Hole for a pull since BH would have just over a 5 sec cooldown on this build at perfect CDR. In that case, I would probably use either the one that clears ground effects or the one that buffs spell damage based on number of mobs hit.

Why not the new Bracer + Energy Twister? It pulls 30 yards I believe.

04-06-2015, 07:38 PM
Ranslor's has zero effect on elites. It basically only pulls white trash and while the range and spammability of it is impressive for that function, I don't only want to be able to pull trash. You would have to give up APD's or Strongarms as well and I feel the toughness or dps is a better call personally.

04-07-2015, 01:30 AM
Looking forward to trying this with Tals; it works with Firebirds but I get the ridiculous server slowdown (ping shoots up to 1.5k and everything freezes) from all the DoT calculations (apparently this is what it is caused by) a bit too much for my liking.

Thanks for sharing Zwi, good to see that this build has solid potential without using Halo. From my testing so far, Halo felt like overkill anyway.

04-07-2015, 02:45 AM
I've been playing around with the planner site some more and mathematically the Hydra build seems to work out to be the strongest by far for grouping. It just scales so well with the attack speed buffs from the current meta of WD/Sader support.

The other builds are pretty competitive from a multiboxer standpoint and they are also less taxing on your system. The EB Wand of Woh build does comparable damage to the Hydra in a multibox 4x wizard situation. Hydra just scales better in the current group meta.

I am also playing around with a build to use before getting Sparkers/Woh's. It focuses on Arcane Torrent with the lightning rune. I always liked that skill and now that Tal's can boost its damage along with FnR it should be even better.

04-07-2015, 05:12 AM
Out of interest Zwi, what Legendary gems were you using for higher grifts on the PTR?

04-07-2015, 12:49 PM
For PTR testing I was using Esoteric, Gizzard and Toxin all leveled up to the 53/54 range. I'm not sure about you guys but the "crit and get 3% attack speed" gem is just not viable with the current state of the game, for multi-boxers. Once it gets to crunch time where a crap-ton of damage/mobs are on the screen within either a Trial or Rift with WDs, Wizards, etc. the game can not handle it and lags until you're dead.

Yelgis - Your numbers show that an EB build may be optimal for us multi-boxer's and pretty easy to zoom around with in T6 or higher GR's. Looks like there's would be room for Teleport which would go a long way towards initiating elite fights. My only gripe is I hate gathering CDR on gear haha. But if I decide to go Era instead of Season then it will be no problem.

04-07-2015, 02:02 PM
The CDR reqs really aren't that bad Zwi. Only because wizards have Evocation. With Evo you only need a Leorics Crown with 12.5% daimond with at least 90% on the leg effect, then 8% CDR on shoulders, and gloves plus 10% from paragon. That gives you 53.53% CDR, which is the bare minimum needed for permanent Frost Nova Cold Snap freeze lock.

That CDR puts you at 3.49 cooldown on Cold Snap and at 2.79 cooldown on Explosive Blast (except for the Flash rune). You need to be under 3.6 seconds for Cold Snap freeze in round robin and 3.5 gives you some leeway for latency. That EB cooldown at 2.8 seconds also give yous .2 seconds of leeway for keeping Taeguk stacked so 53.53% CDR is a sweet spot for CDR.

If you can then budget CDR on weapon, you can get to 58.18% which will boost the damage from your EB spam since it brings the cooldown to right around 2.5 seconds.

Getting a 90% or higher Leorics isn't that hard and rolling 8% on shoulders and gloves are easy. Paragon just takes time, but you can give up a dps stat on a ring until you get the paragon up. Wizard is unique in that achieving permanent round robin stunlock doesn't take perfect CDR rolls on every possible item slot. Getting a decent wand of woh is going to be harder than hitting the CDR requirements by far for the EB build.

Both Tals builds seem to rely on a hard to find wand though. Both SS and Woh aren't easy to find good ones of. So I am playing around with a build that doesn't focus on either. Here is the base of what I would aim for.


This build can use any good ancient 1hander you get. I just put Gift of Solaria in there for kicks. It's focus is on using Astral Presence and Force Weapon Conduit to be able to spam the lightning rune of Arcane Torrent. Normal combat would be cast Mammoth Hydra and EB - Obliterate at the same time (EB is off gcd so this can be done) to trigger both the fire and cold tals buff (tals activates on cast of an attack with no hit required). Then toss a MM Seeker out to activate the generator buff from FnR and proc the arcane tals buff. Then you spam Arcane Torrent for 5-6 seconds until the tals buffs drop and you have to run through the process again.

Where this build shines is that Static Discharge Torrent procs Mirinae very very well and since Tals buff effects everything the Mirinae proc gets boosted by your tals damage buff. The same is true for the toxin gem. You will notice the tal damage proc is over 650 million with the gear in that build link and Toxin dps is over 70 million/sec. The Torrent at full stack is almost 500 million as well. It should be pretty respectable for not requiring a specifc weapon. Keep in mind those numbers are without perfect gear rolls and no paragon points used at all.

This build can be taken even further by using a Schaeffer's Hammer. To use Schaeffer's you have to swap Leorics helm to Tals and then your schaeffers needs to have a CDR roll on it and you will have to use 1 ring with a CDR roll, so the CDR requirements are a little tougher then the 1h build. In exhange you get a 850% per second damage proc any time you cast your Torrent for 5 seconds.


The link above shows it. I purposfully used a low roll Schaeffers as well. You can see that the Schaeffer effect is 246 million dps. The potential for it to really ramp up is high as well. In perfect gear and paragon for the build, I've seen it go over 500 million/second.

All builds for Tals should use Mammoth Hydra even if not using the Serpent Sparker build though. Mammoth Hydra just does more damage per cast/resource spent and scales better with the tales buff and attack speed then most of our other skills. You can see that the Hydra still has respectable DPS in builds not even focused on it as a skill. The other reason is because hydra damage rolls on slots separate from Meteor/Arcane Torrent. Hydra only competes with explosive blast, so the only time you should roll EB over hydra is with the Wand of Woh build focusing on EB. Without Woh, EB doesn't work nearly as well or scale anything like Hydra.

I only use EB because it is off the global cooldown which mean you can cast it at the same time as casting another skill. Using EB with another skill allows you to get two tals buffs up at the same time and it just reduces your ramp up time to full bonus by 1 less global, which can be anywhere from half a second to .75 seconds. If your APS is crazy high like over 3 APS (the hydra build is the only one I see doing this with and that is with a BBV from a WD and Laws of Valor active from a Sader) then this method only saves you about .33 seconds so you might get away with a skill that has a global cooldown.

04-08-2015, 01:29 PM
Farmed some Tals sets today and gave the build Zwi suggested a go. Did GR46, then just farmed ~40-42. Haven't tried to push higher.

6pc Tal w/ rubbish necks, no F&R, Toxin/BoT/Gizzard ~ 34, random ancient weaps, meteor boots. Still lots of room for improvement (F&R should be substantially more damage), really enjoying it so far!

04-08-2015, 02:13 PM
FnR more than doubles your damage because it ends up being 125% more damage due to its multiplicative nature and the fact it is separate from other buffs.

It ends up just multiplying your damage by 2.25. So yea it will certainly be a big jump when you manage to grab sets of them for each of your characters.

04-13-2015, 11:18 AM
Very happy with Wizards in S3. F*ck monks :P or melee in general for that matter! It has been a TON of fun compared to the excruciating pain of leveling melees from 1-70. Just 2 days, I'm paragon 80 or so and already doing T6 ... and I don't really play that much. Only 1 full set but enough to do T6. Not efficient, but doable. Just need 1 more piece for a second full set and that should be more than enough for efficient T6 farming.

Got all my gems already, but only lvl1. I'll farm more T6 before I start pushing GR for my lvl25 gems. So far, I'm aiming for this:

Main: http://www.d3planner.com/719922074
Others: http://www.d3planner.com/158730151

One wizard will have Elemental Exposure instead of Paralysis and Energy Twister Wicked Wind instead of Black Hole. Same Wizard will use Ranslor's Folly instead of APD. Electrocute + Paralysis will cover the CC for the lack of CDR for Frost Nova. It's not perfect but works pretty good. Obviously needs more testing at higher GR. I'll round robin Black Hole and cast Energy Twister with every Black Hole to pull the whole screen into the Meteors. Also Electrocute gets 5 stacks of Arcane Dyname very fast and lets u rotate skills smoothly in order to have your 4 Tal stacks all the time.

As always, this is work in progress. There's a lot of ground to cover and a ton of testing to come once I get proper gear. I don't really think I need to focus more on damage for now. The dps output is insane already. May change Meteor with Blizzard Frozen Solid for more CC.