View Full Version : Marvel Heroes: Asgard - Game Update 2.0

11-10-2013, 01:29 PM

The Marvel Heroes: Asgard - Game Update 2.0 is now live with the biggest content update Marvel Heroes has ever had!

Once you unlock the Bifrost Bridge to Asgard, your multiboxing team will be able to explore new zones, complete new story missions (featuring fully-voiced comics!), and discover powerful new items to fill the newly added inventory slots. You will want to hold on to any Legendary items you find because they will grow stronger and earn experience along with your character.

Multiboxing Marvel Heroes is even more thrilling with the updated starting lineup. There's now a roster of nine different starting heroes for new players to choose, increased from the previous five choices. More options means more multiboxing fun! Which heroes will you choose?

As if that wasn't exciting enough, Loki has been added to the list of playable characters! The Loki character is a caster that uses debuffs and illusions to succeed in combat, and he specializes in ice magic. His magic allows him to do things like manipulate enemies, hinder their ability to fight, and even turn enemies against each other.

Loki can also create identical illusions of himself to trick enemies. The illusions only last a short time, so continuous creation is the key. Since the illusions are projections of Loki, they react to commands he performs and synchronize their attacks to hide who the true Loki really is. Sounds kind of like having a built-in multiboxing team!

Although Marvel Heroes itself is free to play, the Loki Hero Pack costs money. It comes with the Loki character and several bonuses: 2 costumes, Loki Hero S.T.A.S.H., 3x Fortune Cards, and 1 Retcon device. A multiboxing team of Loki characters would be a sight to see - post a screenshot if you make one!

Read more details about the new features in this Marvel Heroes update or purchase the Loki Hero Pack here (https://marvelheroes.com/news/news-articles/asgard-game-update-20-now-live).