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Disclaimer: I take no credit for this, it was made by someone in my guild but being the nice guy that I am I thought I would share :)

Encounter 1.1

Two Perimiter Defence Cannons and 4 Eternal Sentinels and 4 Eternal Guardians. The Eternal Sentinels and Eternal Guardians will come in wave after wave, but perhaps only when the previous wave has been destroyed. It seems that 2 Eternal Sentinels and 2 Eternal Guardians will spawn while one cannon is still up and working. So it is imperative to destroy at least one cannon asap. However, the Sentinels and Guardians might keep spawning on their own timer, so it is important to burn them down asap.


Red circles: Perimiter Defence Cannons
Green circles: Eternal Sentinel
Yellow circles: Eternal Guardian

Eternal Sentinel

HP: 4430
Attacks: Ranged
Has some Gunslinger abilities. Cone AoE burst damage.

Eternal Guardian

HP: 4430
Attakcs: Melee

Perimiter Defence Cannon

HP: 49622
Attacks: Range

Primary single target damage shots.
Beam attack on a single target, seems like it slows the player down some and explodes (AoE damage 10-15m range) after 5(?) seconds.

Seems like it has no out of range problems, so it can shoot at any member in the party.


Tanks go in and get agggro from the Eternal Sentinels and Guardians. Gather them up and AoE them down (gets help from one AoE dmg class). One tank should also get aggro from the cannon on the right.

The rest focus on getting the left cannon down asap.

When the first cannon is down, the dps should focus on getting as many Sentinels and Guardians down before they focus on the second cannon. The tanks should just focus on getting aggro from the Sentinels and Guardians that keep spawning.

Encounter 1.2

One Annihiliation Droid comming up!

Annihiliation Droid XRR-3

HP: 418950


Right arm is on target with most aggro, left arm will shot missiles at a target.

Phase 1:

AoE on Target: Places a red target mark on a player and then shoots an AoE attack at that target.

Sweep: 15m range? Knocks all back and stuns them for a few seconds.

AoE Stun: Stunns all enemies in 15m range for 2-4 seconds(?) Usually just before a sweep.

Phase 2:

Missile Barrage:

Shoots lots of high damage missiles on all targets in sight. Getting behind a pillar will

make it out of sight. This attack lasts about 20-25 seconds.

After Missile Barrage the droid will be stunned (overheated) for a few seconds. Might be

more voulnarable during that period? This period lasts 8-10 seconds.

Phase 3:

Like phase 1, but also with random(?) bombs falling down doing AoE damage. (This might be the case for phase 1 also, but I dont know if Storm Protocol will be active during the first phase.)

Storm Protocol: Droid says (Targets Analyzed, Engadeing Storm Protocol)
Several small areas will be marked with a red target and after a couple of seconds bombs will fall down.

Those areas seems to be targeted at a spot where the players are standing.

Alternates between Phase 2 and 3 until the boss gets less than 10% (?) health.

Phase 4:

Like phase 2, and will stay in phase 4 until he is dead or all the players are dead.


Tanks go in and get aggro. Melee dps follow close by. Range dps and healers find a free spot with at least 5-10m to the next friendly player.

Every now and then a player will get targeted with the red target and should try to stay clear of any friendly players. Healers should be aware of those getting targeted, and buff(shield) and heal them. If a tank is targeted, the rest of the melee dps have to get some distance to the targeted tank. All ranged should stay at least 15-20m from the droid due to the Sweep attack. Tanks have to get into the action asap after a sweep.

When phase 2 starts all players except the tanks should move behind a pillar (lets say the left one), the healers have to top off the tanks just before the phase 2, if possible. Behind the pillar they should heal and buff up again. When the droid is overheated all dps should move in and do full dps for 10 seconds, healers should top off all players.

In Phase 3 every player now also have to look out for the red target on the ground when the droid initiates Storm Protocol. It should be easy to avoid.

In Phase 4, instead of hiding behind the pillar the players should all gather infront of the robot and do full out dps. The healers have to do AoE Heals, and any class that can do AoE shield should do that.

And that should be the end of Encounter 1.

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