View Full Version : Cata - Grim Batol HC - Throngus

02-27-2011, 03:42 PM
Anyone done Throngus on HC who can give me a few pointers.

the mace part is hard but i manage to survive it but when Phlanx hit me its nigh impossible.

The amount of healing needed to survive is crazy-

1 move from flames - ok this is doable np, heavy dps but ok,
2 twilight arrows is what kills me,

- i use a druid as a healer for my setup, efforecence (aoe heal), wild growth(aoe dot heal) with rejuv rolling on ppl
- paladin use Holy Radiance + Devine Guardian

using direct heals is kinda worthless since you have to move to avoid flames constantly

he is cakewalk on normal (ofc) but HC is driving me crazy, I thought 1st boss in Halls of origination was hard but after killing him i consider him peanuts in comparison.

my chars are all over 340+ in gear and i have np in other HC's

any pointers is welcome :)

02-28-2011, 09:30 AM
Not sure how difficult this is with controlling 5 since I dual box most of the time but when the boss goes for his shield I always park my toons right at his feet. That way when he does the cone of fire you can run to the other side of him without moving very much. At worst I have gotten 1 tick of the damage.

When I use my tank to dual box I always
shield - go to his feet and point my toons for movement for when he does the cone
maces - run quick and kite with the tank (any kind of speed boost is very helpful when getting distance here) and nuke with others
dual swords - blow cooldowns

Like I said I am sure it is probably much more difficult with 5 but that is what I have always done with 2

Hope this helps