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01-19-2009, 04:32 AM
Okay, so my toons are at that awkward stage 40-45, where they've kinda outgrown SM, but too young for Scholo. I went ahead and invested in running them over to BRD, but I've never really done that dungeon before, and, I gotta tell ya, so far I suck at it.

So if anyone has any tips for BRD boosting I would appreciate it. I saw that stabface had a video of it at one time, but the link is broken.
That thread is HERE ('http://www.dual-boxing.com/forums/index.php?page=Thread&postID=107519&highlight=#post107519').

Anyways, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

01-19-2009, 05:29 AM
since you haven't done this before, step 1 is to get the shadowforge key on your main. drop down in lava and die. on the way back, do pass the center of brm (the "island on the chains") and talk to the ghost on the tomb. he'll give you a quest, talk to him again and listen to hist story then get the quest so you can get the shadowforge key. repeat this on slaves at 48.

enter dungeon, two mobs - easy kill

park slaves approx where those two mobs are - start pulling big room - lots of patrols. they will net you. kill anything that moves in that room. on your right(east) side is a pathway down around the "prison" wing. head down here kill everything. when you get to the bottom (5-6 o'clock) on the ring, there's a boss that drops a prison key. you want this for later. watch out for 3x dog patrol coming out here eventually, they will kill your slaves if left unattended. keep clearing the whole circle.

next circle is still keeping left. big round circle with packs of 4-5 mobs - incl a few patrols. do the whole ring without doing any rooms. the boss with all the dogs is just annoying. clear up and around so you're in the main room again. start heading into the circle you just cleared but with main enter the big room just at the start of the circle. leave slaves outside. head over the grates and start arena event.

after this, there's a pathway leading slightly upwards that becomes available. head up here and kill all mobs in the room that might aggro your slaves. you want to go up again and cross the spectator side over the arena - these mobs are now yellow since you did the arena event. pass down on the other side, and take left. when you get on the bridge ( middle of it ) a mob will spawn on either side. make sure your lowbies don't die.

other side of bridge, kill whole room, lot of non-elites. watch out for 1 guy patrolling + few packs inside misc rooms. head downstairs and out over incendius. kill packs. ignore room with the golem statues and guy with dog and coffers, you don't need this yet. do however save up all relic coffer keys you can find, you need 12.

on the far side of this halfcircle above incendius head in and down the path. kill all golems and golem tiny healing welding dwarves until you get to fineous darkvine. kill him and loot ironfel. head back across room and across bridge. don't go up to arena but keep going forward. kill mobs + potential raremob, deliver quest and voila brd key (you need this for quick xp later).

head up across arena, and straight down. kill mobs down with the wheel. open door, take right, open door, kill fire elem, kill dogs.

now kill all the packs on the way here, both ways. there'll be a few patrols so be careful. the officer in each pack might use bubble if you don't heal big hits. once you've done the pathway, kill big mob for fun, leave and reset.

repeatability: depending on your class and kill speed - either do the prison circle + big circle around arena + path down to officers, or whatever you can reach in 12 minutes.

at 48 you want to grab all quests you can get from badlands. enter and do these and you're 50 (remember the ironfel quest for each toon, they're 30k+ xp). at 50 get more quests and also visit the burning steppes dudes to get two more quests.

this time you need to go further. when entering dungeon, go left through gate, then open gate on right, then open door on left. kill first floor of mobs, pull the wheel using the shadowforge key, watch door close. head up stairs, kill mobs, go left. cross the path where you just closed the door, kill mobs keep right, down stairs, kill mobs (all are ranged and will shoot) kill big and small, go right, cross the bridge, kill elementals and now you're in the bar. if you were lucky you'll get goblin rock band. park slaves in room 1st floor on left. kick barrels and kill mob. go out talk to ribbly, go back in room before you do any aoe offensive or you get lot of yellow ones. kill loot and head back.

go back to where you can go up to arena, go up, kill mobs across, head towards darkvine, but this time enter the room with the coffers. open all 12 - kill 4 golems and boss, loot heart of the mountain on all toons, exit, deliver and ding ding.

you can do the prison wing quest too, it's quick xp.

after this do brs - ignore scholo :) at 55 one run gets you to 60 if raf'ed. get all quests.

01-19-2009, 06:34 AM
Fantastic write up Cairnz.

I'll definitely give this a try - My guys will be leaving SM at 45 tonight and I was initially going to go to Strat and see how they did - but I'll definitely have a quick visit to BRD to try it out.

01-19-2009, 09:01 AM
all my raf toons hit undead strath at 45 (min req to get in the door) i boosted with a mage but any class would do esp at 80... just go from undead towards live grinding the undead - ie don't go to where the barrons 45min timer starts... to many frusterating mobs over there to aoe.. with the ranged attackers... silences etc etc... at 70 i could pull some huge 30+ mobs going back towards live i'd love to get raf again and see how much easier/fun it would be at 80

01-19-2009, 10:51 AM
Wow Cairnz... thanks for the write up.... that's much appreciated! I'm off to put it into effect.


01-19-2009, 09:20 PM
Well, FWIW, I've just spent most of a very frustrating day trying to make something out of BRD... and I've only gotten 3.5 levels... nothing like what I could have gotten had I simply remained at SM or gone to Zul Farrak. I'm not saying it doesn't work for some, but apparently I'm too much of a moron do do anything with it.

The nets make it impossible to do any kind of mass pull, for the life of me I can't keep those officers from bubbling up, runners go pull more mobs and they agro my lobies before I can grab agro... lots of death, not much xp... very frustrating.

Oh well... thanks anyway.


01-20-2009, 11:40 AM
If you have a high level pally to boost then I concur on using Strat undead. Its extremely fast.

01-20-2009, 03:07 PM
If you are trying to do BRD with a pally booster - you're in luck. Simply make this macro:

/cast [target=player] Hand of Freedom

It will certainly give you enough time to move around and grab mobs as needed.