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01-13-2009, 04:32 AM

I have a druid that's about to hit 58 and a mage that's already 60 and I plan to dualbox them in OL.
Given that the early quests in HFP give out awesome gears for everyone, I thought this would be the time to decide on a new spec. Currently the druid is boomkin, and mage is untalented. But if you're dual-boxing druid and mage, what would you do?

One idea: feral (bear) + fire -> single mobs die fast, no down time, and high survivability in case I pull adds
Another idea: boomkin + fire and still tank with boomkin (due to armor bonus). A little more fragile, and will mage pull aggro? Also, if I pull adds, more likely to die. But the pro is that mage benefits from haste + spell crit
Another idea: boomkin + frost with mage tank. Ice barrier + frost nova makes it possible for mage to pull and "tank". Also, frost is the mage spec that benefits from crit the most.
Another idea: frost + resto -> this is probably the dumbest.... just throwing it out there

01-13-2009, 10:01 AM
I'm currently dualboxing a druid and a mage.

I chose to make the druid boomkin and play it as my main character and went with frost on the mage. I wanted to create a team that took care of business before they reached the duo and if they did the main character would be able to soak up some damage.

Since I wanted to be sure that the druid would be able to be the ones who gained most agro I didn’t pick any talents that reduced it on the druid. And since the druid ended up to be the main character I focus more on that castingbar, which optimizes the casingsequences and gains more agro. I find that the mage rarely pulls agro.

Good things about a Boomkin and a Frostmage duo.
+ Slows things down and you can kill things before the get close to you
+ Ability to freeze things and backup
+ They can crowd control two different targets and take care of a couple of others
+ Trees and Water Elementals at bad pulls
+ Good use of buffs and auras
+ Good dps
+ Portals
+ Free food and water

Bad things about a Boomkin and a Frostmage duo.
- Ability to heal the druid when it has agro
- Not using the mage to its full potential since it is used as a sidekick
- Both characters are looking for same sort of gear

I really enjoy playing that combination and don’t think I would have done it any other way if I would have had to redo it all again.

Well that is how I do it, what you do is totally up to yourself… I would suggest that you pick the combination you think you will have the most fun with. Good luck!

01-13-2009, 12:45 PM
thanks for the input, I think I'd give it a try....

For the bad points:
1. They're looking for same gear. Since I'm dual-boxing, I'm not really doing instances, so I rely mostly on quest rewards, which both toons get anyway.
2. Can't heal the main when on moonkin form. Well, I play on alliance, so when things get REALLY rough (even after trees + ele go out), I can shadowmeld, let mage die, and then rez LOL :D
3. Ability to use mage's full potential -> this is very true. But I find that mage goes OOM really fast, so maybe it's good to conserve its mana a little bit.

I plan to spec druid resto when it hits 80, and this will be my first attempt at serious healing. Seriously, who doesn't LF healer these days :P