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01-13-2009, 03:59 AM
I don't suppose there is anyway to boost a Deathknight (Or any other class for that matter) with Out of Party XP?

My example would be a DK that is level 58 which is Out of Party, but is tagging mobs that are around the same level and having 4 other shammies kill it. The XP is super low I noticed.

I seem to remember reading or hearing something about that being nerfed but I cannot confirm it, other then I already tried it.

I also seem to recall hearing something like if you really wanted to do this the other chars following would have to be within 10 levels of whatever toon your trying to boost.

Anyone confirm or deny or have a suggestion about boosting a DK?


I'm also very aware of Athene's boosting technique and getting banned etc, as well as Nymp (sp?) technique but Nymp's was all his damage while Athenes was Out of Party in instance tagging.

01-13-2009, 08:13 AM
i hardly believe that they would ban you for tagging targets out of your mains party Athene got hit because well i guess how noticible it was at the time (people reporting him) despite getting previous clearance before WOTLK launch... no one is going to report a group of five doing that... heck most people prob wouldn't even know your main wasn't in party with your other four (i say this because i used the raf'd shammy team i was lvl'ing to quickly get a new priest to 70 to get the merrymaker title... ) bottom line if u tag the target, and the mob is at least green to your non partied alts and not orange to you... you will get full xp.

that type of tagging has been known and being used for years athene was an obnoxious exception to the rule.

01-13-2009, 08:53 AM
Athene's method was by out of group tagging in instances, which was an exploit (that has now been fixed).

Out of group tagging in the open world is fine, however you get exp based on the damage done. I tried dropping 1 shaman from my team of 5 to tag a mob before the others, and found it was getting about 3x more experience. I'll be using this method individually dropping the level 80s from my team as i start hitting 80 (mine all have different exp, out by as far as a 70% of a level at 78 currently).

But bottom line is, tagging out of group works, but it works on how much damage your character is doing. Best option is spec 1 (or more) of your shamans resto, whack the turd shield on your deathknight, spec it unholy, and go nuts with the aoe pulls.

Not sure what you were doing wrong :P

01-13-2009, 10:22 AM
Out of group xp is only based on damage done when the mob is trivial to the people doing all the damage. When I was powering my DK to 70, 67-70 just flew by because my DK would tag the elite demons at the forge camps in Nagrand and 9 other characters would blow them to smithereens.