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12-05-2008, 12:21 PM
My current dual-box mains are a 73 Beast hunter and a 73 resto shaman which works great for running just two characters. The shaman is keyed to drop a searing totem and start casting lighting bolts when I start hitting the steady shot button on my hunter - the extra damage is great but what really makes this good in pvp is the healing. My shaman is geared from ZA and T6 and the hunter is fully geared from ZA, so far at my realitively low level I haven't found any upgrades yet. The shaman has a huge mana pull and I only use 3 heal macros; 1 cast rip tide on the shaman and if I hit 1 again it cast lesser healing wave, "2" does the same except it heals my hunter and 3 is a chain heal with my hunter targetted.

` is my follow key which also triggers water shield; if I hit it agian within 2 seconds it also cast earth shield on the hunter. - So, extra damage and healing generally makes I'm able to take out just about anyone so far, even the few 80s I've ran into. This only became possible with Keyclone as prior to that the shaman was basically just on follow and if I got attacked and wanted to toss myself a heal I had to click over to my second monitor, leaving my hunter uncontroled and vunrable.

My 5x team that I'm building consist of 4 elemental shamans and a prot pally (the pally will be replaced with my resto shaman once they catch up) - currently level 24 with these.

But, anyhow - My question! I'm curious if anyone is having success with a 5 hunter multibox team? Five BM hunters or 5 MM hunters with the variety of instant shots (arcane, aimed, chimera) looks pretty deadly but I can see problems if you can't out right kill your oponete or are against groups of players (ie, arenas) do to the must be at ranged nature of the class. With my 2 team (hunter/shaman) its not a problem because the shaman just follows my hunter as I kite the other player around, keeping my health topped off with riptide; if they decide to try and focus on the shaman that gives me a chance to drill into them and drop them faster while keeping my shaman alive with riptide and earth living procs - I'd have to say this is probably the best 2s combination for world pvp, I haven't tested it in the arenas yet.


12-07-2008, 04:33 AM
I dual hunters, and i just reached level 51 (yay). It's not difficult for PvE, but i can see the difficulties in PvP since they are a ranged dps class. As for your question, it is very successful and extremely op! Even if u dont have tank like pets, kitty pets tank just fine now since the new patch. The only thing I have to warn you is the "pet attack" controls. It is difficult to control your slave's pet to attack the same target as you due to some reason. There are plenty of macros to help keep ur pets under control, but since i only have 2 pets, I usually keybind the ' key to my main hunter as pet attack. Then I macroed everyone else the same way and since my pet on my slave is defensive mode, he runs up there the second my slave starts shooting.

As for spec...I went BM for both. Nothing beats two big red kitties. But MM would also work fine I think.

Good luck!


12-07-2008, 11:59 AM
Im running 3 hunters (only 3 accounts) at the moment and its pretty yawn-worthy to be honest. The main is BM and the 2 slaves is MM, and I just destroy everything. Most times I dont even bother using shots, just autoattack. Positioning can also be somewhat of a pain, but it doesnt take long to get the hang of it.

12-07-2008, 07:48 PM
BM is the way to go for PvP. You get a ton of CC immunity with BW/TBW... Properly specced, it's up a lot of the time, as well.

BM is also insanely great at instance running.