View Full Version : 10 Boxing the Nexus: A write up of the cross-class experience

11-30-2008, 03:06 PM
Over the weekend, I finally managed to get everything squared away to start my 10 man soujurn in to the Nexus. Now the Nexus, being a 5 man dungeon, would only let half my crew in a time. Still, a number of quests could be easily completed just by switching out members, so I only had to run the thing 3 times to get everyone clear. Could have been done in two, but I was also looking for loot, which I managed to get ALMOST all of in those 3 runs. More on that later.

My first run I went through with my Prot Pally, Affliction Lock, Fire Mage, Shadow Priest, and Resto Shaman. Grand Magus Telestra was an interesting fight, thanks to gravity well making casting near impossible for periods of time. Of course, having a dozen DoTs up over the course of it helps. She went down without too much trouble, but it wasn't pretty. Anomolus gave us a bit more trouble, largely because the lock was set up to reapply dots on target change, and because the fight involves a lot of that, things can get dicey. Had swapped in my hunter because of drops concerns. Eventually figured out the thing to do was to fix the lock's macro, and start off the fight with a Heroism and Fire Elemental to burn him down quickly so it didn't extend out to the point of being overwhelmed by wraiths.

Now the interesting thing about loot in the Nexus is that the Magus drops caster equipment, Anomolus drops mail, and Oromok drops plate. Saves a lot of trouble being able to customize your group so that you minimalize sharding.

For Oromok, I swapped in my melee team of Rogue, DK, Warrior, and Hunter, again to try and best distribute his loot. And of course, he drops the caster plate. Fat lot of good that does me.

Switched back in the casters, and went to tackle Keristrazsa. Interesting fight, in so much that its really hard to DPS with casters without moving. Eventually got her down after a few attempts.

The next few attempts went oddly smoother, as melee really seem better suited for this dungeon. Getting tossed around in Gravity Well doesn't mean much, their consistant DPS even with rapidly changing targets, and the fact that jumping around doesn't interupt their swing timers, and the place was remarkably easier to clear.

After all the quests were cleared out, I had to go back and whack Ormorok a few more times, because he was being stingy with his plate shoulders drop, but the easy access to individual bosses was much appreciated. Over all, I like the tag team options I have going on. Makes dungeon crawling much more dynamic.