View Full Version : My 3-man team got their lawn mowed last night in RFC :(

11-14-2008, 04:44 PM
Just venting on my 3man lowbie team in RFC last night. I took a digital beatdown in RFC last night. This is my first instance multiboxing so it proved how unprepared I was. It is amazing how cocky I was getting lol! My team was (lvl 13/15/9) when they started which I know is too low. I got them up to (16/16/13) and learned some things.

I picked up great xp but plan on running it to completion to get my "methodology"down. I made it about half way through but just couldn't get through all the Burning Blade Orcs due to the number of mobs. My CC has turned out to be a travesty since I have two friggin mages. I couldn't clear the pull just before the first boss. After 4 more tries, I stopped the assualt knowing I need to change some things.

Right now, I only have macros bound my ("1" to "=") keys on bars 1 & 2.
Needless to say my CC stinks right now and I need a tactic/macro rewrite.
- My re-sheeping isn't going very well (I have to dig through the macro section on sheeping)
- Stoneclaw doesn't last as long as I prepared for.
- Need to bind individual macros for Healing each mage.

I ran the mages through for their Robe of Evocation and Crystalline Cuffs using my 70 afterwards. I hope to tackle it again tonight for a full clear.

11-14-2008, 09:11 PM
Something along the lines of...

Mage "slave"
/tar [target=focus, nodead] focus
/stopmacro [target=focus, exists, nodead]
/assist Toon

With Main Tank
-Same Keybind- Mark that mages target with Raid Mark such as Moon...

And then another for that mage.
/cast [target=focus] Polymorph

The first macro will (on your party leader main) mark the mob as a CC target.
On your mage:
- Target your focus if you have a focus; or
- Assist your main and make that target your focus.

When setting macro's have a /clearfocus button for all toons... then...
On the main tank, you press the CC acquire button for slave 1, which marks it.
Choose next target and press the CC acquire button for slave 2 etc...

Once the CC's are chosen, each has a button to CC its focus target.
I'd give each their own CC button to activate the CC, but you could have them on the same keybind if you wanted.

For my mixed PvE team, instancing as the goal...
Numpad 1: Mage set focus / Numpad 4: Mage Poly Focus
Numpad 2: Warlock set focus / Numpad 5: Warlock Banish Focus
Numpad 3: Priest set focus / Numpad 6: Priest Shackle Focus.

Pretty easy for me.. 1/2/3 for setting focus, the key above for CCing the focus.
Everyone will have their own system. This one works for me, maybe you can adapt it for you.