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10-27-2008, 04:25 AM
I removed one of my DPS shamen and put in a Balance Druid. The druid is in all green gear and no enchants - it was just a char I had on another server. So anyway, I see even with 350 spell power, my overall effectiveness has gone up! My tank is holding aggro, my resto is no mana problems and my DPS is rocking with TOW, Earth and Moon and the crits from the pally and dpsers.

I have been having trouble in the Shattered Halls (Normal) during the Gauntlet after the first boss. I keep dying before getting to the end and out of the fire from the archers.

Blessing Sant - 2% mana when blocking or being hit and reduces damage
Fire Resist Aura
Druid buffs

Other Chars:
Fire Resist Aura
Blessing of Wisdom
Druid Buff
Blessing Wisdom on other Chars

I get about half way and then after clearing, I need to do a few chain heals on the team because they took fire damage. Then the next wave moves up and the whole bridge seems covered with fire. My kill time is pretty fast I think - despite the poorly geared Druid, but the team takes too much damage from the fire.

Any strategy to make this work better? I tried just running across to the end and then AOE everyone, but that did not work too well either. The orcs started attacking my clones and they slowed down and got burned by fire.

10-27-2008, 11:21 AM
I run with 2 mages and a lock so ymmv.

For the archer event, I run straight down the hall. I know you said you had trouble with this, but really so far it's been the best way and once you do it once, you'll get the hang of it. Run straight to the end guys spamming shield, hammer, and consecration as the waves come in (making sure to save a shield for the archer guys). Once there, hit the final 3 with shield, AE the adds, and then burn down the final 3.

All in all I spend about 30 seconds in the hall. The adds do pitiful damage so my goal is always get to the archers ASAP. Turn off fire aura and stick with Devotion. You won't get very much fire damage if you sprint the hall. ;) Your clones shouldn't be taking much damage either as if your casting consecration, shield, and hammer frequently all focus will be on your tank. With avenger's shield as insta cast now, it's a great aggro building tool. Those 3 paired with Improved Righteous Fury and your clones are good to go. Pretty sure the waves stop once you engage the archers so keep that in mind.

Also, don't sweat the hamstring. Just keep your tank moving down the hall and consecrating. Hamstring just means more pulses of consecration for the stuff behind you.

A couple variations I used when I first tried this event was to run all the way down the hall and position my tank to the right of the doorway looking at the final 3. I would then ae all of the adds and rush the final 3 when we're clear. This trivializes the archer fire since you're already way down the hall, and reduces the number of mobs you have to deal with when you finally do engage the last 3.

Hope this helps.

10-27-2008, 12:13 PM
I usually just kill the first three immidiately then run all the way to the bottom (just before the next room) and kill them all at once (consecrate + fire nova + thunderstorm = dead). I did this a LOT since thats how I levelled my druid from 68 to 70 - 3.0 ftw :-)

10-27-2008, 12:16 PM
Btw, I've never had any issues keeping aggro on paladin - just make sure you dont start dps'ing until after the first consecration and you should have no problems :-)