View Full Version : Beginner mb-pve thoughts

10-10-2008, 01:45 PM
Hi, I'm fairly new to multiboxing and just recently took the plunge with a RAF account. Prior to this, the wife and I were running around with our mage (me) and lock (her). This was decent for most encounters until it came to any BC instances or any elite mobs that were not underlevel to us at the time. So, I decided I'd make a tank/healer duo to run myself. At present, this is what I have.

Primary Account: 66 frost mage, 26 prot paladin, 38 holy priest.

Secondary Account (RAF linked to primary): 27 enhancement/restro shaman

I was thinking that I'd get the pally/shm up to 60, gift the priest to 60, move her to the RAF account, and start a DK on the primary account. If things look decent financially in a few months, I'll even move the mage to a new account so we have some more dps. So, on to my quandries, and mind these are all meant with Wotlk changes in mind. This should allow me to have my choice of a paly or dk tank and my choice of shm or priest healer, depending upon the need. I'll more then likely just be running the DK/Shm mostly.

1. I was thinking with the shaman that I'd melee dps to save mana for healing, aiming for a enh/resto spec. What are the viabilities of being able to heal enough for heroics like this? I'm noticing right now that I can out agro the paladin, but i take that more towards better low level scaling on the shaman then the paladin.

2. Has anyone considered a DK/Shm duo? I would think the buffs they each would provide each other would be a fairly nice combo. thoughts?

3. Does the not having the same name on account even count for spouse's accounts? lol prolly best not to find out.

4. If I moved the frost mage to a third account, then I should be able to use winter's chill effect to boost a frost dk's special abilities as well, correct?