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10-26-2007, 11:01 AM
Hi there. I've checked out the tutorial, and I still don't get hotstrings. :(

I'm using the X-Keys keypad, and the extended keys aren't coming across KeyClone. Searching this forum, I found I need to use hotstrings to make that work. I've made a hotstring, bound to shift+1 (so ! char), and called it "Shift1". After saving the keymap, and loading it onto master / slave PCs, I don't see the keymaps doing anything. I can get normal keys to go across just find (yay!), but I guess I'm just missing something with hotstrings.

Any pointers? Someone have experience with X-Keys (brand new USB version) and KeyClone with regards to extended keys?


10-26-2007, 01:46 PM
So you are trying to send ! from window 1 to window 2? (Shift-1)

I don't know how KeyClone is handling shift states, I don't use any in that fashion... What I do is this...

Keymap for Aazan
CTRL-ALT-1 = DMint_1
CTRL-ALT-2 = DMint_2
CTRL-ALT-= = DMint_Equals

Keymap for Bazan/Cazan
1 = DMint_1
2 = DMint_2
= = DMint_Equals

What this does is let me bind Bazan and Cazan to my normal keys, so I can flip to their windows and press normal hotkeys and it just works. It DOES send ctrl-alt-1 back to Aazan, but the only time I flip is when Aazan is dead, so it doesn't matter.

If you fire up the keymap editor and press your x-keys ! bound key, dies the "Key" field show LSHIFT+1?

Additionally are you whitelisting keys? If you are whitelisting keys make sure that the keymap combo's are on the whitelist or it wont work.

If you are cloning to a 2nd pc, load the mains keymap on the main, and the clones on the clone... I haven't been able to make the keymap work if I load them all on the master machine...

10-26-2007, 09:29 PM
You have to load the keymap for a secondary pc on that pc... u can't load a keymap for a connected wow from a remote pc. You also have to make sure that any of the combination keys ur pushing from the original keyclone has those keys forwarded within the "do not pass" list in either a white list where they are in the list or normal list where they aren't there :)