View Full Version : Minimum stats for Hellfire Ramparts tanking.

09-02-2008, 03:17 AM
I'm going to give Hellfire Ramparts a try with my pally leading the group.

My gut feeling is that gear shouldn't be as much of an issue for this instance as it is one of the first instances in outlands. However my paladin is fairly poorly geared (with some outland quest rewards but not many).

He's sitting with only 4k odd health and about 7.3 k armour. I'm not expecting the group to complete the third boss (as yet)... but pretty hopeful that I should be able to take the other 2.

Does anyone have any idea of whether the stats are sufficient? What the minimum stats would be. - I may have to bite the bullet and complete a load more of the starter quests to get some upgrades.

09-02-2008, 04:16 AM
Just do the HFP quests before you venture into Ramparts. There is 1 type of trash mob (http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=17271) that hit pretty hard (and also have a knockback that reduce aggro) and some pulls have 2 of these. Unless you have CC these might be a pain in the ass.

09-02-2008, 05:24 AM
"just do the hfp quests before you venture...."

uhm, well, some of us prefer to hit the instance first, and get to honored before starting on the quests - which will then take us to revered, while lvling and way before we hit any heroics. Doing it the other way around, you will sit somewhere just after honored, and have to run heroics or SH alot more times, if you are a rep-whore like me. (I like exalted, it just looks so GOOD with 30+ exalted factions)

For the OP - there is an easy, albeit semi-expensive "cheat" - get a bunch of the +stam LW armorpatches , buy some greens with +stam +spelldmg (sorcerer) and mix with +stam +def - then buy the LW +30stam +10 agil armorpatch for legs, grab stam enchants whereever else needed. This will set you back 200odd gold or so, but will also add about 6-800 hp

It's easily doable to run ramparts with 5k health, and some 50-80 spelldmg - macroing a varied amount of heals vs lightningbolts should do the trick. Also, do drop stoneclaw and stuff when you pull - you paladin will still build threat through consecration, and take substantially less damage when the mobs are stunning them self on your wooden sticks :)

09-02-2008, 08:15 AM
I'd personally use the pally as a healer, the shamans as DPS and just burn the stuff down hard and fast. With my 4 shamans I found that a tank slowed me down more than anything, because they had no chance of holding agro. However if I brought a healer along, I'd easily handle most the packs and only had trouble with the big two hander wielding bastards.

Of course, you'll have 25% less DPS than me, but I was consistantly killing the first mob before it engaged in melee, so I'd say that should be close to replicatable with only 3 shamans.

09-02-2008, 01:14 PM
"Of the Sorcerer" gear is all you need. That stuff is dirt cheap since only pally tanks want it or can wear it. Buy cloth, leather or mail gear for the best damage for your dps guys, mix and match. The better your dps is the easier it is on the tank.

Edit: First target should always be the guys with big the axes. Burst down then first one, then stun with your pally and burn down the second one if there are two. If there is only one, burst down the first one, then kill the smaller looking dudes that enrage with the stun/dps combo.

The beastmaster pull is by far harder than the first boss. Once you have that down just make sure you have a lower level healing macro that your shaman heal your tank with so they don't spike their aggro and pull the first boss off your tank.

Edit again: I went in there with about 120ish damage from AH greens on everyone. I left there with 4 blades of trapped knowledge from 3 chest drops and 1 from the AH, neck upgrades from the second boss for everyone and a big DPS increase. The quests greens will round out your equipment nicely to go to slave pens and farm the first boss (Mennu) for the shaman chest piece. I skipped the rest of the bosses since by the time I got that all done I went to Mana Tombs where the first two bosses are easy fights. The void walker is just getting shadow resist on your tank and taking a slow enough pace where you don't dump lightning bolts into his dark shell ability and the second big rock guy is a tank and spank all out dps fight with chain heals every 4th cast for me. I have a macro setup that i just bang on until he falls over dead.

09-02-2008, 02:10 PM
Fantastic advice as usual (I love this site)- thanks. I'll start looking for of the sorceror gear now.

I'm sticking with a paladin tank - mainly as I wanted a tankadin for boosting other characters, plus If i want a healer I can always spec my level 70 shaman as resto and bring him along.

I'm currently running ramparts with my 3 shaman and my son on his 66 warrior and my daughter on her 67 hunter.

It was tough to begin with - my son's warrior is arms specced or something and he wasn't holding aggro. However tonights run was smooth.

Did 2 bosses, without a single wipe. I know it seems easier due to the two higher levels - but it's been a fantastic training ground so far.

Instructing my son to tank his mobs in front of me, not in amongst me helped :) Telling my daughter not to pull her targets behind the group as well made things easier.

I'm getting used to positioning, swapping to healing a target then popping back over to dps. I did some questing last night and got some gear upgrades on the shaman - and they are starting to ramp up in power. I got some nicer shields as one quest reward so they are starting to take a hit.

I'll be a lot happier taking the pally tank in there if i know how to play the shaman.

I will fill the last slot with my level 70 shaman - so 4 60's and a level 70. I feel a bit bad that I wont be experiencing it as a full level 60 group (but then again it will matter less and less as the crew get closer to 70).

All I do know is that the fun of doing instances multiboxing far outweighs what I thought it would be (and i had high expectations).

You creep in there at first, thinking how on earth can anyone do this... then skill up a bit.

Although that last boss I'm skipping till I get a bit more competent :)

09-02-2008, 03:56 PM
You may just want to see how much of an xp hit you take for bringing in the 70 shaman. If you don't mind it, you'd be better off with the option of an off tank (earth elemental) or some extra fire power (fire elemental) in a pinch. You'd have to down rank spells to keep aggro under control most likely.