View Full Version : I need a different targeting and switching system for 1 and 2 boxing WoW x 5.

08-18-2008, 09:55 AM
I use currently /assist macros and follow macro set ups that allow my other characters to become leader and resume targeting as each one dies, so I can keep going in a heavy fight. On my second set up I use a /target focus set up. Both of these just do not quite work to my taste, or even worse, some times have target changing delays that are just too long for pvp.

I want to find something that does what my current set up can do, but also lets me change my leader, and switch toons in my main window, for leader changes with out any one being dead. They need to be able to continue their focus fire dispite the leader changes, with out it depending on the one in line prior being dead.

Does any one have a good macro write up that currently does this? I have looked into the forums both here and on our wiki guides, and just cant find what I am looking for. I'm probably stringing my current macros wrong or some such, but after two years of reading upI still have not found a good solution.

08-18-2008, 11:32 AM
Can any one at least point me in the right direction? Do any of you more experienced multiboxers have a setup that will do what I want?

08-18-2008, 03:52 PM
I wrote an addon called Multiboxer about a year ago that sounds like it could do what you want. That in combination with your macros could probably do it.

It works by changing leader of the group, and then swapping the active bars, so you can have a bar setup with /assist party1 on all the "assist bars", and then your normal spells on the other bar.

There is no GUI and it takes a bit of work to get it going, but I still use it even in it's simplistic form from when I wrote it a year ago.

I use buttons F1 through F5 to change screens via autohotkey which simutaenously presses a button which activates the addon.

So I press F1 and toon1 gets action bar 1, toons 2 through 5 get action bar 2 (or vice versa, can't remember), and toon 1 is also promoted to leader.

I press F2 and toon 2 gets action bar 1, toon 1 and 3 through 5 get action bar 2 and toon 2 is promoted to leader.


I don't have to worry about any focuses or anything with this addon, although they could make it more powerful. If you do a search on google for "multiboxer", I believe it's the first result - it links you to curses website where my addon is located.

08-18-2008, 05:30 PM
Times like this I wish you could talk to them. A perfect ending would be telling him to enjoy his corpse run XD then here him whine.

08-18-2008, 09:34 PM

Thanks for the input so far.

What I'm currently using for macros are:

/assist [target=Char1, nodead][target=Char2, nodead] ect. macro to get all five of my team on the same target. So far this has been the most dependable way I have tried for targeting.

To get the team to follow, but not lose its target in a fight I use:
/target [target=Char1, nodead][target=Char2, nodead] ect.

For my attack spells I use a similar set up in front of the /cast spell name.

/target [target=Char1, nodead]
/cast lightning bolt.

All of these work fine for pve and pvp in most situations for me, and I have a second set of focus macros that I can use to change leaders, when no one is dead, to mix stuff up a bit, but this requires me to manually switch around my buttons, or create more hot keys....

What I'm looking for is a "best of both worlds" kind of macro. The targeting dependability of /assist, and ability to go down the line of surviving characters, to last man standing, but also the ability to change the leader, and screen focus, with out the current leader being dead. I need this item collection quests (just so slow to mouse to a new window to start picking up the drops on the next character in line), situations where I need to skin lots of mobs (same reason), and for "fake outs" to mix up the leader and mess up pvp enemies who get wise as to the current main, and try to shut me down by focus firing him first.
Finally the most important reason is that my 5 box is more then just 5 characters, I have currently 15 different 70's I can mix and match, so leader switching quickly with one master set of macro buttons would be a godsend. Maby what I am looking for is not even possible, but I am allways open to new and better methods, and as our community grows, its all most assured that some of you have come up with a much better system then I am currently using.

08-18-2008, 09:35 PM
Times like this I wish you could talk to them. A perfect ending would be telling him to enjoy his corpse run XD then here him whine. I'm not sure I follow? I was not trying to QQ in my post, if I missunderstand you, please disreguard. :)