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Cash Grab

Myth: Blizzard allows Multiboxing because of the cash flow.

  • Fact: Blizzard bans more accounts regularly than there will ever be Multiboxer accounts. If they cared about money above fairness of gamelplay, which is clearly not the case [1], these accounts would still be active.

Difficulty of Enforcement

Myth: Blizzard cannot track Multiboxers and that's why they don't get banned.

  • Fact: Blizzard GMs receive a number of reports in a single day about each Multiboxer that is logged in. GMs could EASILY ban based solely on investigate reports. Also, it's pretty obvious when characters are being Multiboxed. [2] When a multiboxer is reported, they are very closely investigated [3]. If the multiboxer is doing something wrong, the GMs will notice and the multiboxer will be in trouble every time.

Player v. Player

Myth: I lost to a Multiboxer. Clearly, this should not be allowed.

  • Fact: In World PvP, you're going to lose; deal with it and stop asking to win 5v1. In battlegrounds, you have plenty of other people to help you out with the multiboxer. If not, it's either because your team will not cooperate or the queuing system got messed up, neither or which has to do with Multiboxing. WoW PvP was never been balanced on a class-to-class basis; it's a rock-paper-scissors system. [4] You might lose anyway depending on classes in the various groups. Using the best public information available, there is a single 2200+ Arena-rated multiboxer; arena combat is clearly not being disturbed by multiboxing.

Overpowered Single-player Mode

Myth: Multiboxing makes a single player more powerful than a singleboxing player.

  • Fact A: For PvP, see the appropriate Myth/Fact set.
  • Fact B: For PvE, you're not suffering any.
  • Fact C: For economic purposes, understand that any resources a Multibox group comes across must be split between the characters (repair bills, travel costs, training, gear, professions, etc.). This includes daily quest rewards and honor points from PvP. In all honestly, it is harder to survive Multiboxing that is it to single box.
  • Fact D: Understand that the game is played on a character basis, not a player basis. The mechanics cannot take players themselves into account and thus any arguments about what players benefit themselves for Multiboxing is entirely subjective.
  • Fact E: Multiboxers mostly attempt their playstyle for the purposes of challenging themselves. Five-manning instances is a blast, for example. It has nothing to do with the need to make themselves more powerful than another person.

Conspiracy at Blizzard

Myth: Blizzard won't consider my concerns. They have some super-secret reason for allowing Multiboxing that no one will ever know.

  • Fact: They listen. A lot. [5] In fact, they even went so far as to collect data and analyze it. [6] From this, they determined Multiboxers have no tangible benefit beyond that of a normal person in the game.

Illegal Third-party Software

Myth: Multiboxers all use third-party software and that's against the Terms of Service and the EULA.

  • Fact: First, no software is required to multibox effectively. Certain products, such as the Vetra Multiplexer [7], are able to multiplex the keystrokes on a keyboard to a number of computers at once. An even simpler method would be to sync a single wireless keyboard to multiple wireless receivers. Third party software is in line with the ToS as long as it does not automate gameplay. Automation, by Blizzard's standard, is when someone starts the software and it plays for them without any human input to continue gameplay. [8] Mutliboxing only uses software to replicate keystrokes to other WoW clients and ONLY after a human has input them. [9] Note that a keyboard multiplexer could be used here and that's not even software. The software used only emulates a piece of hardware.

"Spirit" of the Game

Myth: Multiboxing is against the spirit of the game.

  • Fact: The spirit of the game is not subject to your definition or interpretation. [10] The spirit of the game, as stated in the agreements you accept during installation and patching, is SOLELY determined by Blizzard. You are in no position to tell Blizzard its own rules. Even if you were, most of the anti-multiboxers actually unaware of the rules they attempt to wield in debate. Although this may be a bit subjective, it should be pointed out that the scope of the language used to employ the spirit of the game in the EULA only involves one player defrauding another.

Gold and Character Selling

Myth: Multiboxers just sell accounts and gold.

  • Fact: Wrong. Accounts do not sell for enough to justify putting effort into Multiboxing characters all the way to 70. [11] It does take FAR longer than solo play to level a group of 5. Also, selling in-game items, currency, or accounts is too easy to track. Selling gold would easily get the multiboxer's accounts banned; no multiboxer would do this since we play for a hobby, just like you do.

The Multiboxer Buys an Advantage. That's Immoral, right?

Myth: Multiboxing is unfair because it buys the player an advantage with real-world money.

  • Fact: See the above material on Over-powered single-player mode. Now, understand that even though the multiboxer's characters are doing more in total in the game than your one character is, that doesn't mean much for either of you. Your advancements as a person are not tied to the advancements of your character. With that in mind, what is the multiboxer profiting himself? Five times the NOTHING that you profit yourself for playing. The player reaps NONE of the resources from the game, so you're not being cheated any by not multiboxing since the multiboxer is himself gaining NOTHING just as you are gaining NOTHING. It's rather sad when people feel the need to single out multiboxers simply because they might be playing the game in a way you never will or never could.

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