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Thread: Slaves graphics

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    Default Slaves graphics

    I cant seem to enable the graphics from my slaves to be visable on my master?

    for example, my slaves cast moonfire, but my main can't see the beams..

    I already enables the following script;
    /console noBuffDebuffFilterOnTarget 1

    to see the debuffs

    any script to see the graphics?


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    Blizzard did this to tons of spells to "stop" lag or so they say i don't think there anyway for others to see the spells that they choice to only show from you.

    kinda sucks
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    If you are only concerned with being able to monitor what/whether your slaves are casting, I can recommend the TrufiGCD addon, lined up with your unit frames in some manner. Won't help if you want to see the pretties though.

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    You can enable the SpellClutter CVAR (there are several to play with), but I'm not entirely sure what it "fixes," as it certainly doesn't fix those Druid spells. I, too, would love to see a CVAR put in place that would allow you to see all of the spells and abilities of others (both in and out of your group).
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    thx for the reply's, i will check the 2 mentioned subjects,

    but mainly it was for the pretty's

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