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    Default Leveling teams of more then 5?

    How do you guys go about it?
    Just bite the bullet and go in few steps or do you have a method that works for the full team?

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    Well, i guess i should open discussion with what i came up with so far...
    Best i managed to figure out is go with two groups of 4 (8 total). This way you are able to almost always tag mobs with all 8 because of how new mob tag rules work. This allows you to efectively quest at almost the same speed as running a regular 5 man team. (with some work setting it up you could push this to 9 man team, but im lazy and a bit ocd so this works better for me)

    But still for the most part just boosting teams of 4 one at the time is still faster.
    What i end up doing is, grind quest to about 20-30, (or quest out of the DK starting area) then boost up to 90 and then quest trough wod.

    Now that last part ends up being the most time consuming so i was wondering if anyone has a better plan for it? (im aware of the potion/bonus objective thing but its not feasable to do on the scale im doing it on)
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