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Thread: Doh, Quaking :P

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    Default Doh, Quaking :P

    Spent the last 2 weeks farming on a break from mythic plus, Was stoked to get back into it this week with the changes and rock some stuff out , thanks blizzard haha. Quaking breaks my heart :P i'm not skilled enough to handle it yet lol
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    agreed lol.... i got told to get out multiple times

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    I have given up the ghost with 5 boxing, however as my son plays tank and our friend healer I am toying with playing 3 dps.. one set of Aff locks, (my solo aff lock laughs at grievous weeks) and a set of Hunters..BM or maybe try Marks for a change.
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    I attempted an 8 DHT on my locks. I was doing great maneuvering around quaking, then i missed ONE while fighting the bears. Of course my team died with 5 quaking hits. When i released the bears teleported to the front of the dungeon and killed me again. I waited a second to make sure it wouldn't happen again, then released. As soon as i released quaking popped up and killed my half health/no shield locks. I released and walked right out of the dungeon. I lowered it to a 6 and 2 chested. I do not like quaking

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