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    Question Question for addon writers.. (Artifact Power + Ancient Mana)

    I haven't seen a proper addon for using all the AP and AM items.
    Every time Blizzard pushes new items, the addons can't find them as the item IDs are not written into the addon.

    I'm curious if it's even possible in theory to write an addon like this:

    Loop bags
        Check if this item grant AP or AM
           if it does then f*ing use it and abort script.
    This could be ran with slash command, which can put into any macro to be called with a Mapped Key, tadah.

    Do the item IDs really need to hardcode into the addon, as currently it looks like it? I still don't know what's possible and what's not, however I think we would had an addon like this if it was possible.. Opinions?

    Currently I have a bunch of macros set up in ISBoxer with the /use item:xxxxxx method but I cba to add more lines into it every time when new items goes live >_o

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    Jamba item use is using a tooltip scanner to scan for a item it saves me adding I'd every time. Feel free to look at the code and use it for for a button to use all artifact items not something I really wonnted to do with Jamba and I like like the bar adds them to it when I get them.
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    This addon "if you don't already use it" has made it far easier for me to manage ap, Tho i'm sure it suffers from the same issue you are explaining above, so far i have not experienced it not recognising any ap item in my bags
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    I use + another small addon that's basically this:

    --Can be also just part of the item's name
    local itemsToUse = { "Dauntless", "Netherchunk", "Legionfall Recompense", "Insignia" }
    function addon:LegionItemUse()
    local libTTScan = LibStub("LibTTScan-1.0")
    for b = 0, NUM_BAG_FRAMES do
          for s = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(b) do
             local i = GetContainerItemID(b, s)
             if i then
                if libTTScan.GetItemArtifactPower(i, 1) then
                local itemName = GetItemInfo(i)
                for k, v in pairs(itemsToUse) do
                   if string.match(itemName, v) then
    Have a macro that calls this function and /click OOCDo

    This made using all those items I collect during dailies and dauntless stuff much less annoying.
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    i use a little addon called Power Hungry for everything i need to open/use in my bags.

    it is no longer supported but you can easily complete the Items.lua list by your own preferences.

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