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    Default Heroic Emerald Nightmare

    So a few of us boxers got together with some friends and ended up doing a clear of Heroic Emerald Nightmare. Definitely needed the extra heals but just the fact that 4 diffrent boxers were able to get around the mechanics and not die was awesome.

    We had:
    Holy Priest and 4x Vengeance DH (ME)
    5x BM Hunter team (guildie boxer)
    4x Boomy team (A fellow boxer i met while gathering one day)
    5x Affliction team (Personal friend and guildie)

    also had some friends come along to help out since this was our first attempt at any heroic raid this expansion.

    Probably the most fun i have had this whole expansion. The only boss we didnt defeat was Spider Bitch (Mechanics) but i believe its very doable with the right amount of coordination.

    Heroic EN.jpg

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    WOW very very very good work there!

    i love how mixed the group was as well.

    Good job

    As well always nice to see!
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    Thanks, i honestly was very skeptical going into it. the worst boss for us seemed to be the first one due to all the amount of rot placed all over the place. ursoc was a dps race to not cover the floor completely in bad stuff...

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    Always nice to see people tackling raids when they're still semi-current.
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    Nice work
    My channel Split-personality Gaming on youtube.. not much new there atm

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    nice work eh! i wish i knew more multiboxers, would love to dip my toes into some raids
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    Thanks all!
    Really hoping to get into nighthold soon with some of these people and giving it a shot. Nezreck, perhaps maybe some of the latest people on the battletags page would help build up your bnet list with some cross server peeps to box with? i know id definitely be down to join up with some of you awesome peeps sometime after watching videos on these forums. Even if its a huge learning experience for efficient boxing!

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