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    Default M+14 VotW - 1x Guardian Druid, 1x Resto Druid, 3x BM Hunters

    Hello everyone, it is I, Chibilukina. I figured it was finally reaching that time where I should just start posting some videos of me clearing some of the higher M+ since I have been doing them casually on and off (while multiboxing) for the last few months while I have pretty much been clearing M+ since the beginning of Legion. That and figured I'd make it a goal to hit M+15 again with the new adjusted difficulties.

    Affixes: Bursting, Skittish, Tyrannical.

    Sorry for the lazy link, I have yet to get everything setup on youtube as of yet but it is a work in progress so for now you'll just have to do with a link to Twitch (not sure how this link pans out, doubt it'll show the video but just act as a link that takes you to the video). Pretty much I've just decided to take highlights out of each of my streams that have anything to do with M+10 and higher; the other M+ are becoming trivial at this point. The highlights will most likely consist of profanity; apologies for this just gets intense at times.

    Drew some luck after this keystone and ended up drawing a M+15 VotW. Will be streaming that one later tonight planning on getting this Mythic+ done before the reset kicks in; pretty much do the same thing I am doing here but in more of a tight timing window. This isn't my first rodeo!

    KeystoneMaster.jpg (This is pre 7.2)

    P.S. If you're wanting me to actually post the video I can make that possible just not right now.
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    Bloody awesome.. I'm really surprised that this high a difficulty can be boxed!
    My channel Split-personality Gaming on youtube.. not much new there atm

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    Very nice! The movement is very smooth which makes it look easier than it is
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    /wave hi hun not watched u for in a long time glad u still doing well!

    Welcome to d-b
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    Looks so easy O_O Awesome video!

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    Feel very accomplished right now, set out to get that M+15 done and the effort paid off! I won't lie, I didn't expect the +20% damage/health to put me off as much as it did; in comparison to the M+14 it felt a lot more intense.. them mechanics start becoming deadly! Suppose now I better start getting tier pieces (other than the tank) to start pumping out more of that sick damages/heals (which means stepping into Normal/Heroic NH). - Unfortunately, audio doesn't kick in until after the 11 minute mark (damn copyright sometimes). After completing, I ended up getting M+16 EoA and let's just say it was a learning experience; need to alter my keybinding configuration in ISBoxer to allow for more smooth gameplay as minimal things actually start to hurt. Either way, roll on the new affixes (please don't be Grievous).

    @ebony Hi and cheers for the welcome, figured it was time to join the masses. My stream schedule has been rather skewed as of late with no consistency whatsoever, I'll try touch up on that. Take it things are going good on your end? How is Jamba going, anything new?

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    congrats on the +15!

    Couple of questions, any reason for Stampede on the hunters, haven't seen this selected much.
    I see your ilvl on the Hunters is also 902-906, maintaining that while the baseline for set pieces in normal is 875 is going to be tough unless you get some amazing procs. I've been thinking about doing the opposite which is just use non set pieces to push the gear higher.

    Since you have a tank, have you tried Dire Frenzy? most Simulations put it at a higher dps tier than stomp even for aoe. Without a tank though stomp seems to help keep the aggro away from you and on pets.
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    Suppose it has gotten to that point where I should do some read-up in terms of optimising dps output as the M+ difficulty keeps scaling up. I haven't even thought about opting into different talents since when I started doing M+ it was more about mechanically getting myself in check and then focus on the damage when it starts being an issue (I understand that more damage would make things easier). My knowledge is pretty much limited to how hunters functioned back around when ToV came out.

    The reasons for choosing Stampede was because at the time I thought I'd get more use out of it than Killer Cobra; it provided more upfront burst damage. I then molded my playstyle around this where being able to skip an entire phase of a boss seemed rather decent. My burst currently on Tyrannical (including lust) gets a boss down by 30% in the 35 seconds; that can still push phases even at M+15. With that being said though, I haven't read enough in the whole deal with Stampede vs Killer Cobra to make an informed decision (the general consensus was Stampede for AoE on mobs and Killer Coba for smaller/single target dps).

    I agree with Dire Frenzy, since 7.2 came out it started performing more than Stomp. That was just me being lazy and not keeping myself informed on current talent selections. Will be looking to make this change and seeing how it goes.

    In terms of gear, I agree obtaining those pieces are going to be difficult especially since I just recently secluded myself from the raiding scene however tier sets produce damage spikes; one that I'd prefer if I choose to take Mythic+ seriously and grind higher. It's also something you have to do proactively as well since gearing 5 characters with tier pieces (890+) can be rather.. time consuming. All I can do it take it a step at a time.

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    @Chibilukina to be fair stuff been bad not been around on at all, been down not had the thing to even care about jamba.

    i am feeling a lot better now i got great support that is getting rid of the bad feelings

    i really want to come back to wow, am hoping to get into the pve side of things.

    Am thinking of Hunters x3 Disc or sham? and a DK Tank as i would like them all to be goblins.

    with the changes to Mythic Keystone and if you fail a key it get go down a rank on the same dungeon i think will be great for us.

    anyway hope to catch you somtime
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    Awww, that's no good. Hope things pick up for you soon, always annoying to feel like crap. From the sound of changes to M+ means I can farm all day erryday (can't wait for that) even though it'll make climbing more difficult. I prefer runs and getting something out of it as opposed to trying to clear a level. ;P

    Hopefully the new combination goes well for you, I always liked the idea of a DK tank for the hunters but decided to roll druid instead, maybe some day... its funny because I usually like all characters to be the same race, I say that and I go night elves and humans but there was a reasoning behind that (which was dropping threat instantly). Hope to see you around sometimes as well.

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