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    Quote Originally Posted by smk View Post
    I was wondering about 3 bms but i really don'tlike how my blood dks feel now
    I have not done PvE for a while now, been doing WQ to gear up to 880 or so and starting to explore the new area to try and get the new gear. I've always found Blood DK a little slow in Mythic but I'm not vastly experienced. My HPally would out damage them and Protection would even with 30 or so ilvl difference. They seem to be ding very well in PvP though for 7.2 (wPvP) so it keeps me interested. I would love to try a full druid team but just CBA leveling up and wouldn't know where to start!

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    My son plays Blood Dk in Mythics.. it was rough at low gear levels, but now he is at 895 with one crafted legendary and the heal ring his dps and survival is pretty nice in Mythics.. so I think it's def a gear thing with them - much like Warlocks. His self healing is pretty nuts too, and I have seen him solo Helya on a +9 if this helps.

    His talents are:

    Spectral Deflection
    Blood Tap
    March of the Damned
    Rune Tap

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    My group composition is a bear tank, 3 BM hunters and a resto druid with the main focus on my group being for Mythic+. Each character has a very simplistic rotation and because of this it allows them to perform rather optimally with being able to clear Mythic 15 back before they redid the difficulty of Mythic+. I still believe they can do that even now (I just need to sink more time into it to make that achievable).

    Each of the toons currently are 900+ ilvl and 45+ on traits and have the necessary requirements to complete go further than the highest Mythic+ I have done so far after patch 7.2 (being Mythic 13). The wall right now is just a time sink; I haven't been able to invest so much time into Mythic+ as of late (work lately being a punkface).

    In terms of raids; I usually flip the bear tank into another resto healer so when I waltz into raids I have 3 hunters and 2 resto healers. But that's the joy I find with being druids, they add flexibility to the roster by having the capabilities opting into any role. But to keep things simple, I went for the combination as stated above (not having to deal with two different damage rotations or performing 3 roles).

    Additional thoughts was to sub out the bear tank on my end and sub in a Blood DK but I wasn't too sure how effective Gorefiend would be nowadays since there are more affixes built around making big pulls somewhat troublesome, not impossible but troublesome. That's at least my two cents on the subject and my mindset is usually fixated around PvE/Mythic+ as that is usually what I do.

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    I would love to know more about your rotation/setup..
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    Sure, when I am finished with work I can explain whatever it is you seek. Based on the fact that what you seek comes across to me as somewhat vague.. I'll try my best to cover everything ranging from damage rotation to movement (since I presume these are the main things you seek).

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    I'm fine with movement. Are you using your own macros in the game, or isboxer to handle rotations? I have been boxing since TBC, but haven't been an isboxer user that long.
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    My movement keys are like so:

    W, A, S, D for the main window.
    Up, down, left, right on the other four clients.
    Insert/Delete are to spread them in a line formation (excluding main window)

    These are the only movement keys that I use with the exception of using abilities like Disengage/Displacer Beast to create that distance required at times.

    All my macros are done in the game with the use of ISBoxer just broadcasting the keys to the other clients, nothing more. As mentioned before, pretty simple setup bringing out pretty optimised results. I mean the only thing I use with ISBoxer is normal key presses and round-robin interrupt but that's about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chibilukina View Post
    My movement keys are like so:

    W, A, S, D for the main window.
    Up, down, left, right on the other four clients.
    Insert/Delete are to spread them in a line formation (excluding main window)
    Is there any chance you can point me to the bind settings in ISBoxer to look at this?

    Do you just add UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT as a combat broadcast?

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    I'll try describe as best as possible.

    Under Base Hotkeys (since that's where I keep my movement keys) I added Up, down, left, right, insert and delete as Straight Key Boardcasts.
    You shouldn't need to add W, A, S, D as keybinds.
    I'll send you a snippet of how I set the insert/delete. Hopefully it helps!


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    I'm just coming back to the game and was looking at leveling up a new group that would do better. Would you think 3xBM 2xPallies would work as well, or is there something really good about either druid tanks or healers that makes them really important to the composition? Thanks!

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