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    Default Changes Coming Soon™ to the Guild Forums Section

    Hello everyone!

    We're planning on consolidating the guild sub forums into this forum and having a single, larger forum for all the different multiboxing guilds. Each guild will have it's own tag (Like we have Games and Multiboxing Software tags in other forums) and you can post your guild specific messages and events and if someone has a general question about guilds, they can just not tag their thread.

    This is a bit of a drastic change so we wanted to give everyone some notice before we "just did it".

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let us know!

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    This change has now been completed. All threads that were previously in a guild specific subforum are now in this forum.

    All existing guild subforums have been removed and thread prefixes have been created for those guilds that had subforums. if you would like a thread prefix for your guild please let me know and I'll create it.

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    where can we get new guild "tags" from? (Edit if i read it then i would know)

    and i think the change is for the better!

    there is a new EU guild on Chamber of Aspects - Horde <Multiboxer>
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    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    where can we get new guild "tags" from?

    and i think the change is for the better!
    When you start a new thread there will be a prefix dropdown above the title field. Here you can select which prefix to use. If we need to add one, just let me know!

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