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    Default Who is this EU pvp Multiboxer?

    Just wondering how you move around in bgs so well?

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    Hm, I'm almost 100% sure I met that boxer in in a 5v5 arena game i WoD. I'm also pretty sure I got beaten :P

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    Choco, from Bloodlust. Don't think he follows these forums, and I'm fairly convinced discussion on the specifics of how he does it would be against the rules of these forums, if you catch my drift.
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    Ya he uses it starts with o and has follow in the name as well

    Thin ice for sure. But this guy been doing since follow got axed.
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    Ah I see.. no clue what method you mean, but I shall say no more :P
    My channel Split-personality Gaming on youtube.. not much new there atm

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    Ya I can confirm he is from Blackmoore EU, he normally boxes 10 dks and 4 monks


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    I would like to know how does he do that tho

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    Assuming he's using a method which is against the ToS then it involves using a third party application that either simply enables follow in Battleground / Arena or simulates `/follow` like a bot would find a plant for example. In both cases, it directly modifies the memory of the WoW process which, long term, always ends up in a ban.

    The part that surprises me is that you guys are saying that he's been doing that for a while. He must have been reported a lot of times. But still, he's still doing it. Maybe he's using a way that is not against the ToS?

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    If it's like that post and he's just being reported for multiboxing and not being accused of the serious offense that he could be doing - he might not be getting properly checked by Game Masters and thus escaping punishment. >.<

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