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    Default Farming with Ret Pallies?

    I've been pretty successful with my 5 prot paladin team so far, at around 860 gear level on average and able to clear up to +8. They work great for pushing the limit. I've also found that running heroics/mythics+0 is great for the wallet because of bloods, disenchanting, and guild challenges. My team can easily clear heroics and normal mythics, and they're reasonably fast, however not nearly as fast as a group with high dps.

    On my DH, I queue as tank and spec as dps for heroics and mythic+0, since he's 890+ he's pretty untouchable - this allows me to force a 4 dps group, and so far I haven't had anyone complain because I still maintain agro and out-self-heal most healers. I can normally tell the healer to swap to dps as well. This results in sub-20 second boss kills and multiple trash pack mass aoe pulls that die very quickly. It has me wondering if I might be able to swap my pallies to ret for farming to speed up the process. I've seen a few posts here that mention ret isn't much higher dps than prot for multiboxing, but they seem to be pertaining to people who were trying to use it to more efficiently do "progression" content like high mythic+.

    Anyone have any experience to share on farm content with a 5 ret pally team?

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    I run 1 prot + 4 ret for most farm / speed content. Works well. They definitely output higher DPS than prot. You're pulls aren't usually as big though, and I just cycles through mobs one at a time while the hammers do their thing. Bosses drop really fast. No doubt you could do 5 ret, but all the aggro bouncing would annoy me.

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