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    Default New boxer LF gold farming methods

    Hey guys, I've been wanting to multibox for a very long time and finally took the plunge to invest into it. I've been considering different methods that having multiple accounts would benefit from like gathering professions but would appreciate picking your brains to get more info / suggestions! anything you can think of that could do decent gold would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    i find that for end game teams doing the world quests regularly and the odd farming old raids is enough to suffice for decent income.. if you want to pay for wow tokens for game time take up collection skills and farm on all 5 in legion areas.

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    the gold missions are good as well.. if you get the bonus its always 1500 gold. So its a good idea to level/gear up your followers for that.. plus the blood missions as well. This has to be the best expansion for us for making gold. If you have a few teams you can just do the missions and WQs for gear to DE..bloods and gold. Herb gathering is awesome as well.. but it bores me to tears.
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    Herbalism/Mining on all toons is an excellent way to make money, since you can tap on up to 10 toons for the same node

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