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    Default Jamba Fight Master Change 5.2.x


    Due to the Shading (phasing) problems when you use a Taxi i been debugging when you all enter a zone at the same time and there is multiple copy's of the zone up at the same time. using TCP viewer you can see when you change WoW realms ip's and other stuff.

    i have found that shading will always go for a group 1st, but this is not 100% true when you use a taxi at land at the same time. it seems the clients at the server (mostly your master client) will always show that char at the fight Point and even though you can see its following you (sometimes) it can mass up healing addons and stuff as your client really thinks its still at that point.

    So to fix this i added a little timer for when the clones will take the taxi/fight. this should bring one toon into the zone 1st that should get you a phase-ID for the group. and hope it will fix the problem. Atm its set to 1 sec (i might add a opt to change this?) or leave it hard coded.

    If anyone have been having this problem and would like to test it for me this PLZ do atm its an the curse alpha repo

    If you like to change the time for testing then open Jamba-Taxi.lua in notepad. (or notepad++) and edit line 239 (AJM:ScheduleTimer( "TakeTimedTaxi", 1, nodeIndex ) ) and change the number 1 to something else.

    if you do change the time can you post what you change it to and your ping you have in game. would be a great help to understand.
    You aiming for the one toon to land a and phase before the others land really.

    Thanks for you time and help on this matter.
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    I'll test this in a little while after this raid. I get the FP phase quite a bit.

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