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Thread: Patch 7.1.5

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    Default Patch 7.1.5

    As usual the official patch notes are up the day before the patch goes live.

    I notice no changes to Prot Paladins

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    As a prot pally solo player, I find them to be incredibly well balanced at the moment. Nothing needs changing, one spec blizz has gotten right.
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    There were changes on PTR...they either forgot to add them or they decided not to take them live. I hope the former. The PTR had a small nerf to blessed hammers and small buff to hold shield. ..leave my spinning holy hammers of awesomeness alone Bliz!
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    I cant find it in the patch notes anywhere, does anyone know if the secondary stat changes are in the patch?

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    It looks like there is indeed a small nerf to the hammers.

    Overall this has me second guessing if I should stick with Paladins or not, I've been working on another team but they seem to be getting slightly stronger!
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    Barely even a nerf to prot pally IMO. Some nice retri buffs though for those able to fit them in. Shockadin nerf means they'll no longer be competitive w/ Ret for single target (arguably sensible).

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    If I'm reading that right, pretty much everyone got buffed except for new PVP players?
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    Blood seems to have gotten some survivability buffs (if needed?), but maybe lost damage, or at best broke even? I suspect a full DK team is now viable for M+ (if it wasn't already).

    Brewmaster got some buffs, but I doubt they do enough damage yet to make them a viable mythic+ comp. Ring of peace change though seems ripe for cheesiness / OP. Wonder if there's any DR for it in PvE. Seems like almost a 5 x reset w/ a 4 dps + 1 tank team. Worth testing.

    I can't make heads or tails from the Druid changes... Seems like damage buffs, but not much on the survivability front, so you still need a healer.

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    My HPally does pretty good damage, definitely keeps up with the Blood DK's (although he is 25-30 ilvl above them and considerably more artefact talents).

    70% reduction (of damage vs spell power) on Holy Shock might make me turn him protection as he always dies pretty fast compared to the DK.

    Don't know if I want to do another Artefact quest line! :/

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    warlocks affi side anyway got some nice buffs! the nulfs on Demo would still make them good single target/standing still.

    BM hunters was buffed but nowhere ner what they need they will still be the lowest max burst dps you can get.

    Boomkins where buffed a lot(aoe anyway) but still going to be Glass cannons.

    disc are still in the same place they are now nothing really changed just a bit more pvp burst.

    Rdruilds look around the same as now.

    Ele shammys look like they got though the roof on buffs. should be good to see what there getting.

    Rshams look like they be around the same the few buffs does not make up for the chain heal nelf.

    thats kinda what am looking at the changes on the clasess am playing atm.
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