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    Default New boxer question about 3 compared to 5.

    Hey, wow is starting to lose it's touch for me and I'm looking for a new way to make it fun. After reading alot and signing up for all the sites I want to start my multiboxing adventure. My question is would doing three accounts be worth it or is five a necessity? I'd be buying legion on each and using the level 100 boost right away on BM hunters. Just wondering in your opinions if it would be worth it or wait untill I'm able to afford five. I mostly want to PVE and gold farm.

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    If you are looking to gold farm = more accounts the better gold per hour you will get, pick up herbalism or mining on all the characters and just keep on farming. You can pick up same node up to 10 accounts at same time.

    For PvE you can go with 5 BM hunters If you like to play solo or go with 3 and have some friend tank and healer to go with you do mythic dungeons and such.

    Just so you know you can get Legion for 27-29 euro per account from like any website rather than blizzard which is 45 euro right ? here you got some websites.

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    I will aslo add that if you make all your toons have enchanting ( you can DE legion mats at skill level 1..but not old mats ). Just from WQs, once your item level is high enough, you can farm TONs of the epic shards. I have made a few million just from disenchating quest gear and WQ gear..i have not even tried to farm yet. If you level a few teams and give them all enchanting, you can do WQs ( and mythics once a week if you can handle them ), and make some good gold selling the mats. Also, the harvester shoulder enchant has netted me a lot of extra herbs and not sure which shoulder enchant is best for money though. I do have a druid team that has mining/herbs..but i find that boring ( until they can fly and gather ). But all of my other teams have enchanting+random other trades.
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